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HazelEyes Tue 15-Feb-22 16:24:21

I wonder if anyone on here has struggled with finishing work. I don't know what on earth is the matter with me. I left my part time job just over a year ago and was very happy to do so. I now volunteer. I often feel down and tired. I am not bored, I have various projects, hobbies, friends to meet up with and go out and about a lot. I never seem to have enough time. My husband seems content and has been retired for a long time, we go out together but I relish a bit of time to myself as it doesn't happen very often. I think he will get fed up if I don't try and sort myself out. I'm not sure if there are any answers...

tanith Tue 15-Feb-22 16:56:08

Could you just need to slow down, it sounds like between volunteering and meeting up with friends you’ve got no time for just winding down and sometimes do nothing at all. We all need time to adjust to not having to stick to a work timetable. Relax and enjoy doing nothing much for a while.

AGAA4 Tue 15-Feb-22 16:58:18

Tiredness can make you feel down. Are you doing a bit too much?
Give yourself some time just for you. You need to rest as well as having lots of activities.
If you still feel down after some rest maybe check with your GP.

ElaineI Wed 16-Feb-22 14:07:58

My DH retired a few years before me. He had time to develop a routine for himself, watch TV daytime programmes, help DD's etc. When I retired he already had his routines. I retired and started doing childcare for both DDs. He is always there and I feel I have not had time to develop my own things. I am never in the house just on my own apart from 2 hours once a month when he meets old colleagues and it's like wey hay I have the house to myself ? Maybe find some time to yourself on your own even for an hour. Or you could go alone to swim or a health session a couple of times a month and finish with a coffee/tea in a nice cafe.

rafichagran Wed 16-Feb-22 14:19:43

This is interesting, I have just over 13 months until I retire, I am concerned that I will have too much time in my hands.
I want to join a walking club, and maybe start running with my partner. I am not big on hobbies, so certain clubs are out. I can understand ,OP that you feel tired, you are maybe doing too much.

Germanshepherdsmum Wed 16-Feb-22 14:21:26

Perhaps you’re actually doing more now than when you were working and are therefore tired. The joy of being retired is having time to just do what you want when you want, even just doing nothing much, not rushing around packing in as much as you can and ending up totally knackered.

JillyJosie2 Wed 16-Feb-22 14:28:35

I totally understand the frustration of never having time to oneself. Lockdown has made it worse along with downsizing. I'm the one who goes out all the time!

It's easy to overload yourself with things and I wonder if sitting back comes less easily to some of us, there are plenty of activities and volunteering opportunities out there.

It's really hit me lately that my working life is over and I've been wondering if it really is and thinking about looking for a job! Not being a working individual really emphasises getting older and that isn't very welcome.

Katyj Wed 16-Feb-22 14:35:54

Yep tired here too, but still working part time, although I suspect I’ll still be tired when I retire. I think it’s a mind set more than anything, although how you change that I’ve no idea.
I would love some time on my own too DH retired three years ago, and only leaves for a short walk twice a week ? I only seem able to fully relax when I’m on my own. I love my own company, I’m an only child and really feel I need the space. Hope someone else might have some answers ?