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Folding picnic chairs that are safe

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Madwoman11 Thu 17-Mar-22 16:56:16

Has anyone any ideas on how to sit safely on a family picnic if you aren't quite as agile as you used to be.
I know a lot of folding chairs aren't very strong and I don't want one collapsing with me in it !

DiscoDancer1975 Thu 17-Mar-22 17:02:12

A deckchair collapsed under me on holiday once, in my twenties. It was abroad, on the beach, and when we looked afterwards, the grooves that the back bar sat in, were not deep enough. It trapped two of my fingers, which a young boy helped me free. My husband was in the sea. He thought I was waving at him!

It took months for my nails to grow back properly, and all the blood to disappear. They’re still more sensitive than the others to this day.

I have never sat in a deckchair since, and the other types, I sit down slowly, and don’t use my hands to support. Harder as you get older.