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Hairdressers back wash sink - soooo uncomfy!

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Kateykrunch Fri 01-Apr-22 11:20:13

I went to a new hairdresser this week, she was lovely, but the back wash has left a bruise across the back of my head which still hurts 4 days later. It was so uncomfortable, I must admit I have encountered this before (I have a bit of a bad back so may position myself incorrectly, but dont think I could manage a bent over the sink wash). Wondering if its just me and also any tips for comfort. Thanks

Smileless2012 Fri 01-Apr-22 11:22:00

I always ask for two towels, the second one rolled up and placed at the back of my neck.

Gilly3 Fri 01-Apr-22 11:23:58

I had a bad neck a few times after that too. I have worked out it is better if I slide right down the chair so the basin gets me across the bottom of the skull rather than on the knobbly vertebrae.
Some hairdressers are more vigorous than others too.

Grannynannywanny Fri 01-Apr-22 11:26:20

If you are going directly from home to the salon could you maybe wash your hair at home and arrive with it damp? That’s what I do and they dampen further with a spray gun if needed.

luluaugust Fri 01-Apr-22 11:28:22

Same here, I always refuse any massage now as I had a bad neck for sometime after. I wish there was an option for a front wash but I have only known one hairdresser ever offer this to older customers.

Blossoming Fri 01-Apr-22 11:31:06

My hairdresser is aware of my head and neck issues. She makes sure the basin and chair are at the correct height and angle. There is a foam rubber cushion that goes over the edge of the basin and she is quite gentle with the washing.

Jane43 Fri 01-Apr-22 11:32:18

There is a small risk of a stroke. The article below recommends some sort of cushion. I am going to the hairdresser this afternoon and I will ask for a rolled up towel, it may be a small risk but it’s best not to take chances.

snowberryZ Fri 01-Apr-22 11:34:02

Be careful.
The hard surface pressing on the back of the neck can put pressure on an artery and cause a stroke in susceptible people.

I find that the head massage causes problems becsuse they press down on your head, which can put even more pressure on the back of the neck.

As soon as I feel them starting to do their massage thing I ask if I can sit up. It takes pressure off the neck. I then lie back down for the rinse.

On the subject of rinsing. Why do they never rinse the hair at the nape of the neck properly? I always feel like grabbing the nozzle off them and doing it myselfgrin

Just remembered. My last two visits ro the hairdresser the girls didn't wash my hair properly. I'm convinced it's because they have these super long fake fingernails, which means their fingertips can't get to the scalp to wash it properly.

Grandmajean Fri 01-Apr-22 11:47:24

I agree with jane43 and Snowberry
I always found this method of having hair washed more than uncomfortable. It made me feel really ill then I read about the small stroke risk and decided wouldn't have it again. I usually only have a dry cut now but if I do have my hair washed then I kneel on the chair and bend forward. Hairdresser was fine with that.

FlexibleFriend Fri 01-Apr-22 12:06:15

I wash m hair before I go although it's dry by the time I arrive. So I have a dry cut which isn't really as she sprays it water but my hair is very short. Dry cuts are cheaper too.

Millie22 Fri 01-Apr-22 12:13:17

I only have a dry cut now as I hate the hair washing bit. It's uncomfortable and last time the girl seemed to forget she was washing my hair and thought she was cleaning a window!! Far too vigorous for my liking. I also don't like too much water in my ears.

Casdon Fri 01-Apr-22 12:17:45

My hairdresser has installed a front wash sink as well as back wash ones, because lots of people do find the back wash uncomfortable. My mum has osteoporosis, and she wouldn’t manage a back wash.

MiniMoon Fri 01-Apr-22 14:57:52

At my previous salon, I always asked to have my hair washed facing front. They always managed to accommodate me.
These days I keep my hair short and usually wash it and go to the hairdresser with it still wet.

nadateturbe Fri 01-Apr-22 15:05:46

Gosh I didn't know the danger. But I hate leaning back, so uncomfortable and painful.
I have been washing my hair before I go for a long time.

kittylester Fri 01-Apr-22 15:26:56

DS1 had the same type of stroke that back washes can cause (though not for that reason) It was completely life changing. Chiropractors also have a raised incidence of them. The weakness that allows it to happen can be inherited.

Because of DS1, I have, for the past 16 years, only had one shampoo, rather than the usual 2, a very quick rinse and no massage. For years I used to kneel on the chair and have my hair washed forwards.

Serendipity22 Fri 01-Apr-22 18:48:47

A few times I have taken my neighbour to her hairdresser and the 1st time i took her, i watched her as she bent forward over the sink, i didnt ask her why, in front of everyone, i waited till we were in my car and her reply was that resting her head backwards over the sink gave her headaches and hurt her neck, so each and every time she goes to the hairdressers, she bends over the sink.


Charleygirl5 Fri 01-Apr-22 21:42:06

I also do what Gilly does and slide down the chair. I dread to think what I look like with anybody looking at this not so slim creature almost lying in the chair.

Kateykrunch Sat 02-Apr-22 15:29:53

Really interesting comments here, I had thought it was just me! Thanks all x

AGAA4 Sat 02-Apr-22 15:45:08

My hairdresser has installed a sort of easy chair for the backwash. I was a bit dubious thinking I would get wet but it was so comfortable to rest against a soft broad area and no dribbles down the back of my neck.

Caleo Sat 02-Apr-22 17:32:51

I always refused a backwash at the hairdressers. One time I said to the girl I'd rather lean over the sink and she exclaimed " You have to have a backwash!"

TerriBull Sun 03-Apr-22 12:04:32

Yes it is! but I can't remember ever going to a hairdresser with a front wash basin, do they exist anymore? Have also read about the slight risk of stroke thanks for your post SnowberryZ I'll pay attention to your points, I am pretty careful how I position myself before the rinsing begins but will be more vigilant now.

Bakingmad0203 Sun 03-Apr-22 13:27:39

I too have a problem with back washes! The position of the edge of the sink varies so much in different hairdressers. I always ask for a rolled up towel to support my neck. At a recent visit to a new hairdresser, she had a sink that tipped forwards at the edge which was great. One hairdresser in Hong Kong even had a bed with a sink at the end, which was brilliant. She was also a great hairdresser!

Nannarose Sun 03-Apr-22 13:30:48

I arrive at the hairdresser with my hair wrapped in a towel! More difficult if you have to go on a bus! I do it because I am sensitive to most shampoos and hair products, and it is easier and cheaper for me that taking my own.