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Where do we retire?

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Seasidenanny Sat 02-Apr-22 13:50:04

Really need your thoughts please! Currently have a business in Devon. Family all in Bristol. Grandchildren too now. We love the coast and help out as much as we can already with childcare ( 2 hours away) and love it. In our mid 60s and looking to retire but so torn about staying in Devon ( will need to move house as the business is run from home) or returning to busy Bristol. So stressed about what to do. The family have active social lives with friends and the other grandparents already live in Bristol. Please advise thank you

Oopsadaisy1 Sat 02-Apr-22 13:52:31

Plenty of North Devon coastline, or around Weston super Mare.

Also plenty of countryside between Devon and Bristol.

No need to go into the city, sounds a good choice to have to make.

Aldom Sat 02-Apr-22 14:00:37

Have you considered Thornbury a lovely small town 12 miles north of Bristol.

Cressida Sat 02-Apr-22 14:09:23

I think I'd be inclined to start with towns/villages you pass through on your way to Bristol and maybe stop to have a closer look.

yggdrasil Sat 02-Apr-22 16:51:56

I retired to Burnham on Sea and I haven't regretted it.

Coastpath Sat 02-Apr-22 17:39:30

Clevedon and Portishead are lovely towns on the coast a stone's throw from Bristol.

TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 09:36:08

Go with your gut feeling

What I am getting is this..

I luv Devon really happy here
But because all of my family are elsewhere I am feeling pressure to move

My advice would be this
If it ain't broke don't fix it

You sound happy where you are, what if you move to Bristol and regret moving, which I feel that you will

The only time staying in Devon will maybe become a problem is when one of you passes because then you will be alone in Devon but I am sure and hope too that you have made many good friends and sometimes friends are better than family

You sound happy where you are, happiness is so so precious

Live For Today

M0nica Sun 03-Apr-22 09:43:48

Why not make your future journeys to your family, long meandering journeys that take in all different areas of country between your respective homes. Stay the night in Britstol, if family cannot put you up book into a Premier Inn, and meander back gently the next day.

Once you have a short list of areas/places you like. Go there for a long weekend. Include Friday or Monday so that you can go into shops, inspect leaisure centres and anything else that shuts at weekends. Check where surgeries, shops, buses, trains etc are.

Go online to check whether there are groups that reflect your interests, so that you can join things when you get there to make friends and contacts in the area. Check rightmove that the area has plenty of housing of the type you are looking for at a price that yu can afford.

Do the above and you will discover where you know you want to live without even trying.

Humduh Sun 03-Apr-22 10:20:25

I hear forest of Dean is pretty. I too have a problem where to downsize to before like many others according to absolute radio news the mortgage etc may get the better of me

Kim19 Sun 03-Apr-22 10:26:47

Sounds to me as though you'll be spoilt for choice. How exciting and what a lovely adventure finding the 'right's place for you. Obviously not in Bristol but somewhere en route. Magic.