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Technology and us older people

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TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 18:34:53

I absolutely luv this because I have a fear of feeling that I wouldn't be able to work technology and a younger person making me feel old and stupid.. I like it because I feel she handled my worse fear situation very well indeed.

TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 18:43:39

She basically told him that it took her a whole year to potty train him so he shouldn't be trying to take the moral ground Brilliant

ElaineI Sun 03-Apr-22 18:51:54

🤣 brilliant!

TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 18:58:00

Sorry just to explain further, she couldn't take the photo with the phone and her son took the attitude " oh you silly old lady let me show you how to take the photo" seems Elaine1 got the drift smile)

TheodoraP Sun 03-Apr-22 19:00:19

Funny thing is I couldn't upload the video, ..oh my word I actually am that silly old lady 🤪 I don't know why but it wouldn't allow me to upload the comedy sketch!!

Blossoming Sun 03-Apr-22 19:08:55

You can’t upload video files to GN, only images. You could post a link to the video.