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Somewhere for lunch between Leicester, Oxford and Burton

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kittylester Mon 06-Feb-23 14:09:27

For years and years, DH and I have met up with some of his (very) old university friends between our various homes in Leicester, Burton on Trent and Oxford. I am gluten intolerant.

We usually meet in or around Leamington Spa but both of our favourite restaurants have changed their menus, not for the better, and the gf offering is also much reduced.

Does anyone have any suggestions please?

Abuelamia Mon 06-Feb-23 14:46:49

Take a look at the Folly at Towcester . It has a good gf offering and a nice location .

NanKate Mon 06-Feb-23 15:30:15

We come off the M40 travelling north at Wheatley to drive to the Thornhill Park and Ride and catch the bus into Oxford, about a 20 mins ride. You disembark in High Street, Quod Restaurant 92 - 94 High Street, not far from the Botanical Gardens. Haven’t been there since Covid but always enjoy it.

I see they now they have an Ivy Brassiere in the same street 120 - 121 High street OX1 4DF.

However Kitty I suspect you may prefer a pub that you just drive into their car park.

Lots of places to eat and park in Stratford upon Avon.

kittylester Mon 06-Feb-23 15:33:42

Yes definitely, currently, Kate.

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 16:58:53

There is a good pub with big car-park opposite Kenilworth Castle, just can't remember the name.

kittylester Mon 06-Feb-23 17:09:47

Queen and Castle, fleurpepper? We have enjoyed meals there but sadly their gf is now almost non-existent.

Siope Mon 06-Feb-23 17:13:09

Warwick has a number of good restaurants, and several pubs with decent food. Hard to suggest one without knowing your tastes and budget, but Tailors is lovely (not cheap though).

Fleurpepper Mon 06-Feb-23 17:14:27

Yes that is the one. Ah what a shame. We had a couple of good lunches there, as it is half way to friends. No-one GF though.

Callistemon21 Mon 06-Feb-23 17:24:48


Queen and Castle, fleurpepper? We have enjoyed meals there but sadly their gf is now almost non-existent.

Why, I wonder?

We found that when we were away and eating out and were surprised to find such a decline in GF food on menus and lack of clarity and knowledge too. It is not a life-style choice for many. It can be dangerous for coeliacs.

Good luck finding somewhere, kittylester

I'm trying to remember the name of somewhere we visited last summer which was very good and helpful but it might not be central enough.

kittylester Mon 06-Feb-23 17:57:36

I have a theory that they concentrate on Vegan food. They seem to not be able to do both.

The menu at the Queen and Castle was good for gf prior to the lockdowns but they have changed the menu since last time we went.