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AnnieJacobs Sat 15-Apr-23 06:14:38

I’ve just put a deposit on a new property near my daughter in paddock wood, I will be moving away from an area I have lived in for 40 years I am wondering if I’ve done that right thing.

NanaDana Sat 15-Apr-23 06:43:44

We downsized 12 years ago now, moving from a barn of a Victorian terrace on 3 stories, and with large gardens, into a detached, modernised bungalow with low maintenance gardens all round. We only moved 7 miles so have managed to keep in touch with friends. We've never looked back. We've saved a fortune on energy bills, and as we're both pushing 80 and are finding stairs and steps a bit of a challenge these days, living on one level is so much better. I don't know all the details of your circumstances, e.g. how far you are moving, so only you will know if you've made the right decision. All I'd say to anyone who is considering downsizing is to do it while you are still both physically and mentally capable of doing it, and not to leave it too late.

NotSpaghetti Sat 15-Apr-23 07:05:15

I'm sure lots of people will come along with ideas shortly.

karmalady Sat 15-Apr-23 07:12:20

Anniej, new properties are so well insulated and easy to run.

There will be a lot to do to make it into a home, those of us on another thread have calculated approximately £30k to establish our homes over three years, when we can finally say that it is finished. All sorts of payouts

If there is any advise that I can offer it is to get a full pre-purchase snagging survey done

fancythat Sat 15-Apr-23 07:30:11

Not sure I have heard of a snagging survey. Not that I know much about moving house.
Is that different to a full survey in general?

Georgesgran Sat 15-Apr-23 08:20:49

As others have said, AnnieJ only you will know if you have made the right decision, although you must have weighed up all the pros and cons first? Perhaps you have personal reasons that need you to be close to your family, or that your family need you closer for their own peace of mind, especially if you’re moving a long way?
A new build will be so much warmer and cheaper to run than it’s older equivalent - I often think DD1 has the heating on, and I’m surprised to find that she hasn’t - so well insulated.
Your house should come with the NHBC guarantee and I assume that a mortgage isn’t necessary, in which case, personally, I wouldn’t bother with a survey at all. A snagging check, which is just those annoying little things, should be done between you and the sales agent prior to handover and the team working on site should rectify things. Once you move into the house, should you find further jobs, e.g. a scratch on a window pane that was previously missed (or is new) that you would like replaced, it is essential you move quickly, as there will be time limits, but the builders customer care manager should be able to help you out.
I can understand your feelings of uncertainty. We have a respected poster gMattie who is in the throes of a move and has had a bit of a rollercoaster ride, but is nearly there.

Franbern Sat 15-Apr-23 09:23:45

Annie - have a look in the House and Home Threads, where the one involving people moving home (mostly downsizing) has been running for nearly four years. Thousands of comments from GNetters.

silverlining48 Sat 15-Apr-23 09:34:34

Hello Annie. You will already know the area presumably. It’s in an attractive part of Kent and you will be close to your daughter which is nice.
As for new friends I have lived in my Kent town for over 40 years but most of my old friends have moved, so recently joined my local U3a and have been welcomed and made new friends. There will be a group near you . Wish I had done this before.
Good luck 🤞.

merlotgran Sat 15-Apr-23 09:41:52

I did it 18 months ago, Annie and have never looked back. It’s wonderful being near the family and I have made some lovely friends.

It took me a year to feel really settled although my bungalow felt like home from the very beginning. When the season in which you move comes round again you you know your roots are establishing.

Callistemon21 Sat 15-Apr-23 10:15:28


Not sure I have heard of a snagging survey. Not that I know much about moving house.
Is that different to a full survey in general?

Yes, we had a snagging list when we moved into a newbuild many years ago.

It was more of a list of fairly minor faults and we could add to it if we found anything ourselves. The builders came back to rectify everything on the list.

There should be a NHBC new home warranty too, which I believe is for 10 years.

Ali08 Mon 24-Apr-23 03:28:56

You posted this twice, on the same day, just 2 minutes apart.
Is there a reason for that?