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Trains that stop on request.

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tanith Fri 08-Sep-23 12:06:43

I’m planning to visit my sister in coastal Wales by train and I’ve just found out that her nearest station is a request stop. Does anyone have experience of this? Is there a button to stop the train? Or do I have to let the driver know?
Be glad of help as I’m stressing about 3 changes of train already 🤣

Susan56 Fri 08-Sep-23 12:23:39

My husband says to ask the guard/conductor.

Caravansera Fri 08-Sep-23 12:34:26

Get the Transport for Wales (TfW) app. More information here:

I need to get off at a request stop

Please let the conductor know in good time when you’ve boarded the train. If the train is very busy, you can also do this on the platform before you’ve boarded. The conductor will arrange for the train to stop at your station with the driver.

I need to get on at a request stop

As the train approaches the station, you’ll need to signal to the driver that you’d like the train to stop by raising your hand. Don’t worry, the train will approach request stops at a low speed to give the driver plenty of time to see you and bring the train safely to a halt.

Will the train always stop if requested?

At certain times, a train may not be scheduled to stop at a station or will only stop to allow passengers to get off the train (set-down only). Please check your journey on the TfW app to see if a train is scheduled to stop at your station.

tanith Fri 08-Sep-23 14:36:53

Thank you both so much that’s really helpful.

Chocgran Wed 13-Sep-23 13:23:05

I agree with the above information. I used one of these trains in Wales a couple of years ago and the staff are totally used to this and it was not a problem. Very pretty route too, hugging the coastline, half empty and clean, very unlike the busy services I am used to when I have to take trains around here!

tanith Wed 13-Sep-23 14:42:24

Thanks Chocgran that’s good to know I am travelling from London so changing at Reading and Swansea on the train that terminates at Pembroke Dock. I’m really looking forward to seeing the scenery along the the way as my Mum was from ‘The Valleys’.