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Gift card for use in France

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Septimia Wed 13-Sep-23 17:29:39

A group of us want to buy a carte cadeau for friends who are moving to France. They can't take bulky stuff with them, so we thought a gift card to use when they get there would be more acceptable.

I need a physical card so that we can give it to them at a leaving party but I am in the UK, so I need to buy it from here, have the card delivered to me but for it to be for their use. An emailed card is no use in the circumstances.

Do any Grans have any experience of doing this or can anyone - perhaps Grans living in France - offer any advice, please?

nadateturbe Thu 14-Sep-23 10:10:29

There's quite a lot of information online. I just typed in Can I use a gift card in France.

Septimia Thu 14-Sep-23 10:17:35

Yes, I've done that but it's difficult to find one that fits the criteria.

I just wondered if any Gran could advise.

halfpint1 Thu 14-Sep-23 10:24:12

If you know where they are moving to you could check out
Which major retailers are close by and contact them by email to buy a carte cadeau.

Su22 Thu 14-Sep-23 10:38:32

Have you thought of Amazon just had a quick look and came up with this.

Can you buy Amazon gift cards in different currency?
You can buy Amazon gift cards in any major currency. To do so, use the currency converter option at checkout.

Nannarose Thu 14-Sep-23 14:22:19

I've found it difficult as well, but did this:
I ordered a pre-paid card (I used Travel Money Card) in my name and loaded it with euros. It comes with a PIN that you can give them (you can alter it to the date of the leaving party - I did it to a birthday)
They can then spend it on anything.

PS: will follow this with interest as I couldn't sort Amazon at all, and would like to for the future.

Joseann Thu 14-Sep-23 15:09:00

I'm here now, Fnac-Darty definitely have a gift card you can use in store.
Also try Galeries Lafayette and Printemps. Let me know if you want me to ask. If you and I knew each other in real life I could purchase it for you, but a bit risky otherwise. 💸

Joseann Thu 14-Sep-23 15:27:52

Ooo yes, and I just thought of Maisons du Monde to shop for their new home.
And Truffaut garden shops.

Septimia Thu 14-Sep-23 15:57:04

Thanks, Nannarose, for the idea and I'll try to remember to let you know what I end up doing!

Joseann Fnac was recommended by another friend. Thanks for the other ideas; Truffaut might be especially appropriate.

nadateturbe Thu 14-Sep-23 18:43:39

When my son lived in France I bought him gifts from It should be easy enough to send a gift card.

Mamie Thu 14-Sep-23 19:07:49

I was given a Carte Cadeau once by my U3A students and it covered loads of shops including Maisons du Monde, Truffaut and FNAC.