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Maggierose Wed 20-Sep-23 10:34:39

Does anyone know where I could get a set of old money - sixpence, half a crown, ten bob note etc. It’s for a quiz at a local sheltered housing block for older residents.

midgey Wed 20-Sep-23 10:44:30

Try eBay? There are always lots of coins and notes for sale.

midgey Wed 20-Sep-23 10:46:18

I have just looked, it may well be you don’t wish to spend so much!

Ashcombe Wed 20-Sep-23 10:49:35

It's possible that a props department in a theatre could help. Amateur companies in particular would probably loan out their coins/notes for a small fee. We do, here in Torquay!

Maggierose Wed 20-Sep-23 11:56:48

Thank you for your suggestions. I just tried an internet search and found how easy it is to get fake money but it’s all current banknotes.

Caravansera Wed 20-Sep-23 12:33:03

This eBay seller? Coin set for under £5 plus p&p.

He is a registered member of the BNTA British Numismatic Trade Association and also sells notes.

Maggierose Wed 20-Sep-23 12:59:15

Thank you, Caravansera. That looks just the ticket!

Aveline Wed 20-Sep-23 12:59:17

I hope you can find it. It's a lovely idea for an activity in the sheltered housing group.