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Best alcohol-free bubbly?

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Litterpicker Sun 01-Oct-23 20:51:08

Recommendations, please, for the best alcohol-free alternative to a good sparkling wine?

Blossoming Sun 01-Oct-23 20:58:14

Sparkling elderflower pressé is light and refreshing.

Blossoming Sun 01-Oct-23 20:59:26

M&S do one which is available from Waitrose.

Marydoll Sun 01-Oct-23 21:58:30

Have you tried Nosecco? This what I drink. You can get it from Asda and Morrisons. They both do a pink version.

I would prefer the real thing, but not advisable for me.

Litterpicker Mon 02-Oct-23 23:03:11

Thank you Marydoll and Blossoming 🙂

Doodledog Mon 02-Oct-23 23:54:21

I prefer Sainsbury’s own brand to Nosecco, but as with all these things it’s a matter of preference. From what I remember, Tesco’s own brand is good too.

lemsip Tue 03-Oct-23 00:24:00

Shloer 'pink non alcoholic bubbly' . also shloer white grape sparkling juice drink. sainsburys and most supermarkets. I have this at christmas

Ali08 Tue 03-Oct-23 04:09:43

Frothy milkshake! 🤣