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Tongue tie

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kittylester Fri 03-Dec-21 20:39:01

Does anyone have any experiences of tongue tie in a toddler rather than a baby?

trisher Fri 03-Dec-21 21:25:16

I only know that an operation to deal with it can be done at about 2-3. It's usualy done by a paediatric dental surgeon in a children's hospital ward. One of the things a child with tongue tie can't do is stick out their tongue. It can affect speech development

GagaJo Fri 03-Dec-21 21:26:57

My grandson has a bit of a tongue tie. It is affecting his speech. I think he'll be OK in the end, but he's quite indistinct to those who don't know him.

Off topic, but I think I also have a bit of a tie. I don't always find it easy to pronounce some sounds or repeat sounds.

Calistemon Fri 03-Dec-21 21:31:01

I think it's quite a simple procedure.

kittylester Sat 04-Dec-21 07:40:21

Thanks everyone. Littlest dgs is not eating well and his tongue is quite 'tied' so DD3 was wondering if his tongue was having an effect.

She has sent a photo to the gp but hasn't heard back yet. His speech is fairly clear - if you know him, like your DGS, gagajo.

Franbern Sat 04-Dec-21 08:54:52

My youngest son had tongue tie. Obviousy, not the most severe, but still enough to give him problems. He came into our family when he was eleven months old, having spent that time in a full-time nursery. I was told he had been difficult to feed, particularly in the earlier months when totally on bottles!!!

As a toddler in a large family, there was often 'competition' to see who could get their tongues onto their noses, but we all missed that he always lost these. Indeed, he was four years old, and making his usual mess trying to eat an ice-cream cornet when I finally saw the light about this.

Once I went to GP saying he had tongue-tie it was no time at all before he was referred to local hospital and the procedure took place one morning/ Just a 'smidgeon' of anaesthetic to keep him still, and he was back in my arms within less than a hour after that and home again that afternoon.

This was back in the late 1970's.

Franbern Sat 04-Dec-21 08:56:32

Should have said, he never had any problems with speech, but it did effect his eating abilities (and he did love his food)!!!!

silverlining48 Sat 04-Dec-21 09:08:01

It is not uncommon and easily dealt with via gp or clinic.

Shelflife Sat 04-Dec-21 09:46:41

My GD had small tongue tie, my DD took her somewhere privately, it was not expensive, job done ! No problems at all. A simple but IMO a necessary procedure.

kittylester Sat 04-Dec-21 13:40:10

Thank you all for your replies.

Oldbat1 Sat 04-Dec-21 15:46:23

BOTh my twin daughters had tongue ties and all three grandchildren too. Midwives would normally deal with at birth many many years ago but I don’t think they are permitted to nowadays?? Mine had op when their clefts were repaired but GCs had to be done privately. My niece also recently has had a baby with tongue tie and has had dreadful problems breastfeeding before tie was “snipped”. Makes huge difference.