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kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 08:56:47

Anyone bought loose covers from the likes of Plumbs?

If so, how was it?

Our bedroom chair doesn't go with the room now it has been redecorated. The chair is rarely used for sitting on but is handy for throwing clothes on.

The chair wasn't expensive - it's an IKEA armchair which is still available but in awful colours- but a replacement would be about £3/400 so I wondered if Plumbs (or similar) would be a good alternative.

Germanshepherdsmum Sat 15-Jan-22 09:05:38

I had some loose covers from them once. They didn’t fit properly. I was very disappointed. If I wanted loose covers again I would go to a local upholsterer. We have a lady who makes curtains and does upholstery in the next village. I’d go to her every time (her curtains are brilliant).

25Avalon Sat 15-Jan-22 09:08:54

I tried Plumbs but was disappointed at the fit and quality which was not as good as their hype. It did give the furniture a longer lease of life until I was able to buy new.

Kate54 Sat 15-Jan-22 09:33:46

I’ll let you know in about three hours’ time! Feeling slightly apprehensive now…

kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 09:53:59

Fingers crossed Kate.

Kate1949 Sat 15-Jan-22 10:04:19

We bought one a couple of weeks ago. It didn't fit properly and looked ridiculous.

Kate54 Sat 15-Jan-22 12:38:58

Agreeably surprised as it turns out. Much depends on the choice of fabric, I think. It’s a cheaper option than replacing furniture, avoids the hassle (and environmental dilemma) of getting rid of the old stuff. My 2007 three piece suite certainly doesn’t look ridiculous! These are made to measure, by the way, not just one size fits all off the shelf stretchy nylon as in the old days.

Kate54 Sat 15-Jan-22 12:39:52

By the way, it wasn’t that cheap!

paddyann54 Sat 15-Jan-22 13:02:02

I can recommend a company called CHAIRFX they are based in Eire but the service is quick and efficient and the staff really helpful Look for them online ,they have plains and patters in a huge variety but not every chair is suitable ,
I bought covers for some leather dining chairs that had been kitten attacked .they are fab ,ant praise them enough and they washed great whem my smallest GD dropped her dinner on one on Christmas day .If you send them a pictureof your chair they'll tell you if they can find one to fit

Calendargirl Sat 15-Jan-22 13:04:11

We had our three piece suite re-covered by Plumbs when we moved house, back in 2005. We were very pleased with the result. Getting a bit shabbier now, but still ok.

I had a wing armchair, inherited from my mum, reupholstered by a local lady last year. Would have been cheaper to buy a new one, but had great sentimental value, and well pleased with it.

If I wanted my suite doing again, would probably use her, but she’s always booked up.

JaneJudge Sat 15-Jan-22 13:06:03

Has your current chair got fixed upholstery?

cornergran Sat 15-Jan-22 13:12:41

Don’t suppose a large throw would do it kitty? No, thought not. grin.

We’re having the same dilemma with two IKEA chairs in our conservatory. They used to be in my home office and have had years of wear, covers removed and washed far too many times they are starting to fray. Just the right size they remain comfortable. IKEA sell them no more so can’t replace the covers. Endless deliberations here about replace versus recover as we can’t find chairs we like to fit the space. Suspect the debate will continue for months!

kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 13:45:27

It would have to be a large throw corner as the cover underneath is awful in the new look room.

The covers are loose covers jane and, in fact, IKEA still sell the chair and the loose covers but not in a suitable colour.

Glad your covers look OK Kate. Would you know a ball park cover for a single arm chair?

grandMattie Sat 15-Jan-22 13:46:19

Let me know how you get on, corner, we’re in exactly the same situation.

JaneJudge Sat 15-Jan-22 13:52:36

Oh ok, I was going to suggest looking at if IKEA did loose covers for your model. Can you sew?

You can take your current cover apart and use the cover pieces as a pattern or get someone local to you to do it? Then you get to choose whatever fabric you like and go as wild as you like.

kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 15:23:54

That wouldn't be me then jane.

I don't want to go wild. Our new quilt cover is quite patterned so I'm hoping for plain white, duck egg blue or a deep pink. We have the same chair but with a cream cover in the bedroom used by the dgc but that is the favourite cat chair and fairly grubby. I will wash that and see what it looks like.

Now, about a chair cover fir the children's bedroom.............

MerylStreep Sat 15-Jan-22 15:33:27

What colour are the covers on the chair? Have you though about dying them.

Beechnut Sat 15-Jan-22 15:40:34

Would IKEA sell a loose cover in a pale colour for you to dye a suitable colour kitty.

Beechnut Sat 15-Jan-22 15:42:07

Sorry MerylStreep I didn’t see you’d already suggested that.

kittylester Sat 15-Jan-22 16:52:29

The existing covers are sort of pink, green and red stripe. I can see what the state of the cat chair covers is after I've washed them. That's a good idea!

GagaJo Sat 15-Jan-22 17:38:43

I'm desperate for covers for my discontinued Ikea sofas. I love the style but don't like any of their current styles and they no longer stock the covers. I've looked on Ebay, Amazon, Gumtree, Facebook market place. All with no luck.

Witzend Sat 15-Jan-22 17:50:32

We had loose covers for 3 sofas made by Plumbs some years ago. Two are in a rust coloured heavy cotton, one is a pale yellow slub linen-look.
All fine, and they wash very well - very necessary given 3 small grandchildren visiting now and then.
I’ve only ever washed the cushion covers and arm caps though - not the main pieces.

LauraNorderr Sat 15-Jan-22 20:16:17

Haven’t bought from Plumbs but I did make a cover for an old two seater sofa from some green crushed velvet curtains about 40 years ago. I painstakingly cut a pattern by holding newspaper against each part of the sofa. I spent about a week sewing it all together by hand.
I was so proud when I put it on the sofa and it fitted perfectly.
The children came home from school and son 2 nestled in to it and immediately stared to scratch. Ended up with big red weals all over him. Cover ended in the bin.
Never attempted anything so adventurous again.
Hope you find something nice Kitty.

Calistemon Sat 15-Jan-22 21:15:05


I’ll let you know in about three hours’ time! Feeling slightly apprehensive now…

They're totally different now to the ones they sold years ago!

grandtanteJE65 Sun 16-Jan-22 13:50:44

I would start by finding a bedspread or similar large piece of cloth and putting it over the chair, pinning it until it looks like a loose cover.

It does depend on the shape of the chair whether this will give a result you like, but it is worth a try.

I would unpick the old covers both for your chair Kittylester and from the old Ikea ones and sew new covers using the old ones as patterns.

I recovered two chairs using a set of curtains bought in a charity shop, so it doesn't need to cost the earth to do either.