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As I always say Age is just a number

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Msida Sun 23-Jan-22 21:01:39

Jane Seymour @ 70

Msida Sun 23-Jan-22 21:08:26

And Debbie Harry at 76

Msida Sun 23-Jan-22 21:10:24


Jaxjacky Sun 23-Jan-22 22:09:25

They don’t mention their ‘team’ behind them, nutritionists, stylists, personal trainers.
But, they must also have tremendous willpower, money can help to an extent too.

Sweetpeasue Sun 23-Jan-22 22:26:28

Yes Jaxjacky In Debbie's case, also a cosmetic surgeon.

Kate1949 Mon 24-Jan-22 00:06:04

Not everyone is so lucky. Not everyone is tiptoeing through the tulips.

Redhead56 Mon 24-Jan-22 01:01:32

Everyone has natural beauty embrace yours don’t envy others.

Purplepixie Mon 24-Jan-22 01:03:39

I don’t envy any of them. Beauty comes from within and I think (hope) I am a lovely person.

FannyCornforth Mon 24-Jan-22 02:26:19

Debbie Harry’s real name is Angela Tremble!
Well I never!

FannyCornforth Mon 24-Jan-22 02:34:42

Trimble, not Tremble.
And it’s not her ‘real name’ - her adoptive parents changed her first name, and their surname was Harry.

FannyCornforth Mon 24-Jan-22 02:36:32

Jane Seymour’s real name is Joyce Franckenberg smile

Calendargirl Mon 24-Jan-22 07:16:36

At the risk of sounding cynical, those pictures, particularly Jane’s, are probably air brushed to make them look slimmer and better.

Debbie looks scary, I think.

FannyCornforth Mon 24-Jan-22 07:21:08

Debbie looks her age in recent photos.
Not a bad thing. I think that she looks great; a glamorous old rock chick who has had a brilliant show biz life.

It looks like very hard work being Jane Seymour.

Lucca Mon 24-Jan-22 08:07:31

Never mind how you look, it’s how you think ! Clint Eastwood, 88, talking to a friend

FannyCornforth Mon 24-Jan-22 08:09:04

He’s very driven isn’t he?

Dickens Mon 24-Jan-22 08:10:23

I think we should all 'age' on our own terms.

And I don't believe it's "just a number" either. The ageing process takes its toll on everyone to some degree or other, but agree with @Redhead56 - as she says:

Everyone has natural beauty embrace yours don’t envy others.

She's got it right IMO!

AGAA4 Mon 24-Jan-22 08:58:41

I have a friend in her 80s. Her face is lined and she is no longer slim but her twinkling eyes and love of life make her beautiful.

dogsmother Mon 24-Jan-22 09:56:32

So true embrace yours. I always believe people are only “old” when they start to feel old and let everyone know boastfully their age….. I’m 67 now don’t you know….or I’m 85 now don’t you know. A very youthful 90 year old is ofte more fun and much younger in outlook than someone in their 50s.

Hithere Mon 24-Jan-22 10:00:10

Some people are born with good genetics

These days, plastic surgery, makeup, photoshopping, etc can make miracles

Those articles are totally unrealistic and make more harm than good

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 24-Jan-22 10:02:42

During a conversation with a friend who asked Clint Eastwood how he managed to do so much work now he is in his 90s he said “don’t let the old man in”.
(So I don’t, although he looks very cold out there)
It’s a state of mind, “how old would you be if you didn’t know the day you were born”?
BTW it’s a song by Toby Keith entitled ‘Don’t let the old man in’ dedicated to Clint Eastwood.

eazybee Mon 24-Jan-22 10:35:11

I saw Jane Seymour recently in a television programme and although I didn't recognise her at first and she has more wrinkles than her photographs show, she appeared as a very attractive person and personality, which is not always not always the case. She has that indefinable star quality which is ageless.

BlueSky Tue 25-Jan-22 15:50:30

They are good looking people to start with, then they have all the help they can get, including extensive cosmetic surgery which we mere mortals can’t usually afford. Then the photos we see them in are most of the time, airbrushed. So in the end you get that perfect package!

mokryna Tue 25-Jan-22 22:30:42

I have never been very pretty but at my age I prefer to be in good health, mentally and physically.