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ExDancer Sat 28-May-22 20:27:16

OK I admit it - I'm vain.
I've lost a front tooth, I'm 83 and my dentist (NHS) doesn't seem to see any urgency in getting it replaced. It seems I'm not suitable for a post and crown, and I can't afford an implant - so a plate with one tooth on it seems the way to go.
In the meantime I have to walk around with a great gaping gap in my face.
The waiting time for an NHS appointment for the preliminary appointment is 6 months, and she (the dentist) can't promise I'll have my new tooth by Xmas!
Someone told me you can get temporary clip on dentures on Amazon. I've tried to copy and past an image but its not working - have you seen these things?
If so - what do you think?
Would you recommend one?

travelsafar Sat 28-May-22 20:33:20

I would just wear a mask when going out, no one would think anything of

Kim19 Sat 28-May-22 20:39:06

Why not bypass the dentist and go straight to the mechanic? I've seen them advertising.

ExDancer Sat 28-May-22 20:43:53

That sounds like a good idea Kim. Where have you seem then advertising? Local newspaper? Yellow pages?
I can't think where I'd start looking.

kittylester Sat 28-May-22 20:44:52

Technicians are not legally allowed to do impressions unless they are trained as a clinical dental technician.

And to go privately to a technician would probaboy be more expensive than seeing an NHS dentist.

Shelflife Sat 28-May-22 21:04:38

Although I am not in a position to advise Ex Dancer , but wanted to post and say I completely understand how you feel having a front tooth missing!
I would hate that. Six months for a preliminary appointment and the possibility of having to wait till Christmas, seems bizarre!! Thinking of you and sincerely hope you have that new tooth sooner rather than later.

Pepper59 Sun 29-May-22 00:42:25

Private dentistry is very expensive. I'm waiting on a denture inc a front tooth. I nearly fainted when dentist told me the private cost compared to NHS.

ExDancer Sun 29-May-22 11:20:30

I think its the waiting time that's winding me up. I've seen 'snap-on' temporary dentures on Amazon (you soak them in hot water and mould them to fit - I think!). I don't suppose you can eat in them.
I'd love to know if anyone's tried them.
But I see we have a dental technician in town so I'm going to drop in and have a chat with him tomorrow.

BeEmerald Sun 29-May-22 11:25:45

The advice from travelsafar is spot on. Wear a mask when you’re out. I still am as I’ve had Covid twice now.

Nana56 Sun 29-May-22 11:56:48

I went to a dental technician. Absolutely fabulous. Cost me £400 , that was for 3 teeth. Money well spent. Good luck

LadyStardust Sun 29-May-22 12:22:54

I lost a front tooth a few years ago and was fitted straight away with a temporary denture. After 6 months or so I had a bridge fitted which looks and acts like a normal tooth. I would've been horrified to have to wait with a gap! Poor you. The NHS dental service is truly in total chaos! I had a quick search on Amazon and this seems like something you might be able to use.

seadragon Sun 29-May-22 17:10:23

I lost a front tooth during lockdown as the ultimate result of a DS and DGD throwing their heads back as babies and repeatedly biffing my front teeth. The could de grace was served up when I biffed myself in the face taking off my binoculars. I had to wait 6 months to see a dentist and another 3 for the denture. Wearing a mask was a Godsend during that time. However, I now understand why so may of my friends don't bother wearing a false front tooth. Despite its fitting well I do not enjoy eating with it in so it tends to come out before lunch for the rest of the day. I'm 72 and enjoy being smartly dressed and looking good but suddenly the missing tooth doesn't bother me at all!

NanaandGrampy Sun 29-May-22 17:38:49

I can sympathise.

I had an issue with one front tooth made far worse by Covid. When I went to see my NHS dentist I got similar advice as you AND there was no discussion about what type of denture would be best.

I bit the bullet and armed with some very good advice from a retired dentist I went private. The tooth was not taken out until after the impressions were done and a new denture ( like you its one tooth) and the extraction and fitting was done straight away.

Yes , it wasn't cheap but totally worth every penny.

I don't believe that NHS dentists are much more than an emergency service these days and you get the treatment for the band not the treatment that's best for you .

HurdyGurdy Sun 29-May-22 19:31:28

My daughter had similar treatment to NanaandGrampy at a private dentist.

She (well, I say "she" - I mean "I") paid £900 for a front tooth, which was removed with the denture fitted at the same time.

Can't get an NHS dentist for love nor money, and her tooth was cracked vertically. If I'd not been able to fund the private dentist, goodness only knows how she would have managed.

ExDancer Thu 02-Jun-22 17:58:31

I'd looked at the 'temporary teeth' on Amazon that LadyA has seen --- and wondered. They cost peanuts so I'm seriously considering ......... I wonder how long they take to get here (UK) as they all seem to come from the USA?
In the meantime, I phoned the one and only technician in our town who explained he couldn't help as he wasn't licensed to take impressions, but he suggested I see a different technician on a nearby city.
My appointment is on Monday.
I'll let you know how it goes, it seems to me that many more people are going to be in the same situation soon if NHS dentistry continues its downward tread.