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Has anyone else noticed?

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ParlorGames Sun 05-Feb-23 13:53:59

The holiday ads seem to be on TV constantly now but has anyone else noticed that there's never anyone depicted as being disabled, walking with a stick or crutches, in a wheelchair, with a therapy dog, wearing hearing aids?
I thought we were all supposed to be diverse and inclusive these days or are people who aren't 100% fit and active allowed to go on holiday?

sodapop Sun 05-Feb-23 20:59:16

I would think people with mobility problems would think twice about flying anywhere judging by the reports of abysmal service by airlines.
There is a move to be more inclusive with ads and programmes but still a long way to go.

Humbertbear Mon 06-Feb-23 08:04:48

There is one company that advertises that carers go on every trip

MrsKen33 Mon 06-Feb-23 08:48:35

Yes I have. We were only talking about it the other day. Heaps featuring mixed race families but not much else .

Gillycats Mon 06-Feb-23 12:44:30

I think that it’s not just holiday ads, it’s ads in general. Obviously not all disabilities can be covered but given that around 20% of the British population have a disability then clearly there is a big discrepancy. So much for equality, diversity and inclusion!

Redrobin51 Mon 06-Feb-23 15:35:32

Yes as a disabled person I've noticed this. I know it is difficult to depict "invisible " disabilities but everyone in the adverts seem to look hale and hearty even though aimed at the older generation.