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Wolfiessam Sun 05-Feb-23 13:54:12

Hi, I live not far from Durham and was wondering if there is anyone local who could advise on activities that would help get me out of the house

Aldom Sun 05-Feb-23 14:00:05

Sorry, I don't live near Durham, but if I were you I would pop in to my local library. Ours has a display board full of information leaflets. Lots of ideas there for activities, clubs to join etc. The library staff would also be willing to help if you chat to them.

Norah Sun 05-Feb-23 14:09:19

Perhaps local WI?

pandapatch Sun 05-Feb-23 15:01:58

I don't live near you but belong to our local u3a. Here is thge link to the Durham branch

Georgesgran Sun 05-Feb-23 15:09:25

I live near Durham and live alone, but really can’t help you. The library in Claypath might be a good idea for leaflets etc. I’m sure there’ll be a U3 somewhere. What about WI or are you near a Community/Sports centre that might have local activities. I hope you find something you’ll enjoy.