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Reupholstering a Parker Knoll chair

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sparkly1000 Mon 29-May-23 17:57:25

It’s a very old rocker and becoming threadbare, also needs webbing replacing,
Any idea of the cost? Ideally renovated in traditional fabric.

Oopsadaisy1 Mon 29-May-23 18:11:13

I’m sure if you rang an upholsterer they would tell you how much it would cost.
We had a smaller chair some years ago, a local upholsterer quoted between £5/600 pounds, plus I had to buy the fabric. I’m sure costs have risen now.
Admittedly they never got to see the chair, so maybe I would have had a lower quote if they had.

silverlining48 Mon 29-May-23 18:18:05

I have two 1930 chairs, was considering the upholstery but not at those prices. Wow!

paddyann54 Mon 29-May-23 20:53:29

We took two 1930's chairs when OH 's mum died and he has re upholstered them himself.He SAYS its not difficult,he took the old covers off and used them as templates .He has done a fab job with fabric bought from Dunelm Mill it cost around £150 a chair ,they are a surprise for our daughter who used to snuggle with her granny in them when she was wee .

She misses her granny so much we hope this will help

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 21:00:07

I have recovered 3 old Parker Knolls years ago and so did my mother before that (and a sofa).

The last time we had them done professionally - they needed more work than I was confident with.
I think the taller chair (most like yours) was about £600. Fabric extra. It was long enough ago to be thinking of doing them again tbh!

NotSpaghetti Mon 29-May-23 21:01:25

I should have chosen a more durable material - had a lot of family use! They are still sound. 2nd hand in 1950.

vegansrock Tue 30-May-23 05:25:47

I had a Parker Knoll statesman chair reupholstered a few years back. In total it was about £700, but a new equivalent would be about £1200. It was done by a company called Reloved Upholstery which specialises in mid century and vintage furniture. They have been on TV in shows like Money for Nothing . Have a look at their website for examples and current prices .

vegansrock Tue 30-May-23 05:27:50
They are based in Manchester but will collect/ deliver to most places.

grannysyb Tue 30-May-23 09:26:21

When you choose your fabric, look at the "rub" number, the higher number shows how sturdy it will be.

Bella23 Tue 30-May-23 09:55:01

Some Parker knoll can be recovered by Plumbs but I can't tell you what it would cost. We had a different setee covered and the chap got his eyes on them and said they certainly did them but it was a few years ago and we never did. They come out with pattern books and then look at the upholstering give you a quote.

NotSpaghetti Tue 30-May-23 11:59:25

grannysyb the "rub" test reveals the Martindale rating which is only relevant for woven fabrics.
Non-woven materials are assessed in "flexes" so instead of rubbing a worsted fabric against the sample fabric, the sample leather (or whatever fabric it is) is pulled back and forth to assess suppleness and checked for surface cracking.

However, if you have a design with sharpish corners (especially on arms) even a really heavy duty fabric can fail quickly, likewise readily accessible piped areas (eg. front piping on seat cushions).

My poly/viscose velvet (chosen as had a high Martindale count and more durable than other fabrics we liked) is looking shabby on yjr ends of the chair arms. The seat cushions are OK as though piped they have been turned regularly.

If I was choosing a new fabric to recover now I would only look at fairly heavy commercial fabrics.
Sad but true. 😕

Oreo Tue 30-May-23 14:22:45

It looks in a real state sparkly1000 are you sure it wouldn’t be better to replace it?