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Paying by phone - which app?

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kittylester Sat 03-Jun-23 06:44:18

I have been resistant to doing this but have decided that the time has come to embrace the concept.

I have a Samsung phone.

tanith Sat 03-Jun-23 07:42:37

I have a Samsung and use google wallet, my bank, loyalty cards, boarding passes can all be added. Works fine for me.

kittylester Sat 03-Jun-23 08:39:28

Thanks Tanith.

Spinnaker Sat 03-Jun-23 08:54:47

I have a Sony phone and DH has a Samsung. We're both new to this but had a quick tutorial from DD and, like Tanith everything now into Google wallet and we are good to go.

Scribbles Sat 03-Jun-23 14:45:04

I'm a recent convert to Google Wallet, too. It really is simple to use and very convenient.

Scribbles Sat 03-Jun-23 14:48:34

I should have added to my post above that you will need to have a Gmail account in order to put rail tickets, boarding passes into the Google wallet. But it's easy: just use your Gmail account to purchase your ticket and you're all set.

Freya5 Sat 03-Jun-23 15:02:52

Was sold on Google pay by my son, since downloading, never looked back,saves fiddling around for card holder or purse, for cards. As others have said , the wallet is useful for storing loyalty cards etc.

kittylester Sat 03-Jun-23 16:29:07

Thank you all. I have downloaded everything to the Google Wallet. Easy Peasy apart from the pesky John Lewis credit card which took 3 goes before the code got to me in time!!

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-23 18:49:21

None of them worked today!!!

Pittcity Sun 04-Jun-23 20:13:11


None of them worked today!!!

You did turn on NFC in the settings and unlock the phone?

Pittcity Sun 04-Jun-23 20:14:32

Sometimes I have to turn my phone round as the sensor is in a different place.

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-23 20:29:46

What is LFC, Pitt? Yes my phone was switched on.

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-23 20:30:37

NFC not LFC.

kittylester Sun 04-Jun-23 20:32:51

Yes nfc is on.