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Bereavement cards

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Debutante Fri 15-May-20 10:18:10

Just wondering what’s the best thing to do re sending cards.
My son in law has just lost his father. I sent flowers to his mother & family. Is it too much to send a card to my son in law and my daughter as well as a card to his mother & family? Btw my daughter loved her father in law so she is absolutely heartbroken too.

EMMF1948 Fri 15-May-20 10:21:21

When my husband dies in March my daughters received cards from many of ours friends and thery were very touched. A bereavement touches many people.

wildswan16 Fri 15-May-20 10:24:47

Of course you can send a card to your son in law if you wish. I am sure he would much appreciate it - and certainly address it to both of them (and children if any).

In present circumstances perhaps you could send your daughter a small gift of money and ask her to buy some pretty flowers on your behalf next time they are shopping.

MawB Fri 15-May-20 10:29:46

I tend to stick with “Thinking if you” type cards. It is always hard to know what to say, but often the less the better.
When Paw died I had many, many letters and cards and it wasn’t o much what people wrote, but that they had taken the time to think of us.
Yes - do send a card or a letter. It will be appreciated.

Floradora9 Fri 15-May-20 22:28:49

I remember in my young days death notices in the local paper often said " no cards or letters please " You never see this now .

tanith Fri 15-May-20 22:41:23

I agree that ‘thinking of you’ cards somehow seem kinder than bereavement cards I appreciated them when DH died.