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Feeling lost …

18 nexus63

Virtual funerals

10 grannysyb

Queen Elizabeth hosting the American President so soon after her recent bereavement

111 Anniebach

My husband has died

84 Westcoaster

Simple funeral and people kept away

37 annsixty

Losing my son

49 babzi

I need a poem to read at a funeral....

24 poshpaws

Golden wedding

35 Mollygo

Do any other widows sometimes wonder if their behaviour is still influenced by their late partner?

12 Luckygirl

Sunday, bloody Sunday!

123 Lillian40

Pain of loss

32 Anniebach

29 year anniversary of baby daughter

16 Susysue

Please hold me in your thoughts.

202 varian

Miss you Dad

14 Shandy57

Lost without mum and grandma

5 absent

Loss of confidence after bereavement.

36 Whiff


15 Daisymae

New baby

7 Newatthis

Readings and Personal What-have- yous

11 FannyCornforth

Grieving a child

123 Beeny

Not sure what to do

56 Msida

Bereavement and work

24 JaneJudge

Prince Philips Funeral.

164 Elegran

Loss of DH after illness

41 Esspee

Supporting my daughter in law

9 Lolo81

Helen McCrory.

5 BigBertha1

Bereavement in lockdown

13 Nana3


6 midgey

Dreamt about my dead father

10 Aveline

Tragic end to a new beginning

3 Tangerine

What to do

79 Whiff

Financial dilemma after death of FIL

34 M0nica


18 Hithere

Belated bereavement counselling after a second marriage

7 Esspee

Struggling today....

38 Luckygirl

Heard my name called

104 Nansnet


110 cornergran

Death of my father

5 Deedaa

Weird experience today

70 Minerva

Very Confusing, and concerning me...

8 wildswan16

ID-ing friend who committed suicide

19 NotSpaghetti

Suddenly aware of my mortality.

23 Luckygirl

Best friends loss

76 Lizzytut

My lovely and very sadly missed Dad with some funnies and a poem

12 Viridian

Where to dispose of ashes.

52 grannysyb

Christmas cards

18 Iam64

Addressing a sympathy card

15 TrendyNannie6

Not been informed of a bereavement.

58 Lolee

Children’s books on bereavement

8 kittylester

Waves of sadness, loneliness and worry

24 Luckygirl