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‘Olive, Again’, by Elizabeth Strout

8 Grannytomany

Where do I start to grieve?

16 anniezzz09

Mr Scribbles

83 Charleygirl5

Thank you, dear cyber friends

53 Scribbles

Grieving a child

75 TwiceAsNice

Cemetery care by local authorities.

4 threexnanny

Grief feels like a form of madness

84 Sark

For all denied the privilege of sharing their declining years with their life’s partner

23 BlueSapphire

Mum died tonight. Should I feel guilty?

75 May7

Bureaucracy - a rant. (A bit long. Sorry)

12 Smileless2012

Feeling lonely after my mother's death

6 Hetty58

Sudden Death of my Darling Husband

199 grannypiper

The loneliness on losing a partner

140 Whiff

Death of a young friend

8 Gingergirl

The joy has gone!

66 moggie57

DD ex

17 moggie57

Is there anything else I can do?

6 vinasol

Speaking at funeral

3 Calendargirl

Getting through the christmas period

57 Hetty58

I thought this year would be easier.

40 Alexa

What to put in Christmas Card to bereaved parents?

22 love0c

How can I help my friend?

12 silverlining48

Male relatives getting me down

16 Granarchist

Pre-paid funeral plans

23 Norman1939

Buried with first wife

31 Norman1939

pre bereavement

97 Norman1939

mother in palliative care

6 Norman1939

Planning for the ultimate destination!

18 Norman1939

Scattering ashes

51 Norman1939

Lighting a candle

42 Norman1939

Death in the family

9 Norman1939

Ex Partner

7 Norman1939

Death of my son

55 Norman1939

Requiem mass music / songs

14 Norman1939

Not been informed of a bereavement.

57 Norman1939

It is the eternal ache

26 Norman1939

Grieving .

34 Norman1939

Cremation without undertakers etc

17 Norman1939

Getting there ?

73 grannyticktock

I don’t want to accept that my DH has gone

76 oryx1


12 BradfordLass72

Son's death

47 Grannyknot

House Clearance

50 GracesGranMK3

Someone smashed up my husbands grave

45 Fiachna50

Should l go to funeral

45 Lisagran

Late husband's hoard

55 newnanny

When animals grieve as well.

22 grandtanteJE65

They just don't get it !

22 Dillyduck

Other half?

10 MawB


11 mosaicwarts