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Emotionally wrecked

97 Summerfly

No Funeral

96 carnation

The bit in between (waiting for the funeral) 😞

24 Granny23

Grief feels like a form of madness

86 Furret

Mother in final stages of life

21 AGAA4

How do I do this?

20 hondagirl

'Ello mate - Three years on

12 Eloethan

Not a tear.

23 Furret

Bittersweet memories?

5 Puzzler61

No-one for support for bereavement due to toxic people.

13 Namsnanny

Disapproval of what I'm doing

40 TillyWhiz

finding it difficult

17 Dixsy

Dame Vera Lynn RIP.

30 Callistemon

Grieving a child

101 Bikerhiker

Coffee in gaden

37 Daisymae

My DD in Australia has miscarried

32 Saggi

Bereavement cards

6 tanith

I'm afraid I'm going to make a show of myself.

24 lovebeigecardigan...

Two bereavements in a short time and now more bad news

16 Lizzies

What do I do with her ashes?

16 Daisymae


9 Alygran

Grieving .

53 Daddima

Book Review on Bereavement

1 glammagran

Coronavirus - should l travel abroad to my sister's funeral

15 millymouge

Mr Scribbles

84 polnan

Dreamt about my husband for the first time in four years

18 Grammaretto

Heard my name called

78 Alexa

‘Olive, Again’, by Elizabeth Strout

9 Greenfinch

Where do I start to grieve?

16 anniezzz09

Thank you, dear cyber friends

53 Scribbles

Cemetery care by local authorities.

4 threexnanny

For all denied the privilege of sharing their declining years with their life’s partner

23 BlueSapphire

Mum died tonight. Should I feel guilty?

75 May7

Bureaucracy - a rant. (A bit long. Sorry)

12 Smileless2012

Feeling lonely after my mother's death

6 Hetty58

Sudden Death of my Darling Husband

199 grannypiper

The loneliness on losing a partner

140 Whiff

Death of a young friend

8 Gingergirl

The joy has gone!

66 moggie57

DD ex

17 moggie57

Is there anything else I can do?

6 vinasol

Speaking at funeral

3 Calendargirl

Getting through the christmas period

57 Hetty58

I thought this year would be easier.

40 Alexa

What to put in Christmas Card to bereaved parents?

22 love0c

How can I help my friend?

12 silverlining48

Male relatives getting me down

16 Granarchist

Pre-paid funeral plans

23 Norman1939

Buried with first wife

31 Norman1939

pre bereavement

97 Norman1939