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What to put in Christmas Card to bereaved parents?

22 love0c

Sudden Death of my Darling Husband

148 hulahoop

How can I help my friend?

12 silverlining48

Male relatives getting me down

16 Granarchist

Pre-paid funeral plans

23 Norman1939

Buried with first wife

31 Norman1939

pre bereavement

97 Norman1939

mother in palliative care

6 Norman1939

Planning for the ultimate destination!

18 Norman1939

Scattering ashes

51 Norman1939

Lighting a candle

42 Norman1939

Death in the family

9 Norman1939

Ex Partner

7 Norman1939

Death of my son

55 Norman1939

Grief feels like a form of madness

82 Norman1939

The loneliness on losing a partner

134 Norman1939

Requiem mass music / songs

14 Norman1939

Not been informed of a bereavement.

57 Norman1939

It is the eternal ache

26 Norman1939

Grieving .

34 Norman1939

Cremation without undertakers etc

17 Norman1939

Getting there ?

73 grannyticktock

I don’t want to accept that my DH has gone

76 oryx1


12 BradfordLass72

Son's death

47 Grannyknot

House Clearance

50 GracesGranMK3

Someone smashed up my husbands grave

45 Fiachna50

Should l go to funeral

45 Lisagran

Late husband's hoard

55 newnanny

When animals grieve as well.

22 grandtanteJE65

They just don't get it !

22 Dillyduck

Other half?

10 MawB


11 mosaicwarts

I think I will feel better if I return to my home town

67 trueblue22

My cyber friend 😢

34 moggie57

Said goodbye to Dad

31 annep1

Death....cannot stop thinking about it

89 grannyqueenie

DD's beautiful funeral.

121 Lyndiloo

Too soon to start dating?

15 Greengage


80 silverlining48

How are you finding widowhood?

64 citygranny

Widow grieving again after broken relationship

17 Vikk

Travelling with Ashes

15 Marmight

New member today.

10 BradfordLass72

Wedding rings after death of husband

120 Forestflame

Query re: Funeral Poem

30 Riverdance

My much loved daughter in law

69 Maddy42

Yet another aspect

51 BlueSapphire

My dear husband

91 Brunette10

I just can't turn sad memories into happy memories.

101 annsixty