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Lest we forget

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Shinamae Sat 07-Nov-20 10:15:46

This image really brings home to me the appalling loss of life in the slaughterhouses of war...

sodapop Sat 07-Nov-20 13:31:43

What a sad and timely reminder Shinamae

Smileless2012 Sat 07-Nov-20 13:36:06

One of the most powerful image I have ever seen Shinamae.

Poppyred Sat 07-Nov-20 14:13:35

So very sad. ?

Grannybags Sat 07-Nov-20 14:17:57

I agree Smileless2012 very powerful image

Gwenisgreat1 Sat 07-Nov-20 14:19:45

That is so poignant!!

Oopsminty Sat 07-Nov-20 14:25:31

Powerful image and words but sadly not true.

It has been deemed false information