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Our lovely neighbour's passing

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maydonoz Mon 02-Aug-21 21:15:39

Yesterday evening we had a very sudden and rather shocking experience in our street. About 7pm an ambulance drew up outside our house, so I immediately said to my DH they must have come for our next door neighbour. The paramedics went into her house and I was thinking they would be taking her to hospital, but after some time, two police cars arrived, at which point I realised something really serious has happened. It began to dawn on us that our lovely neighbour had probably passed away.
A little later, the police came to speak to us and gave us the sad news.
The saddest part is that it's not known when she passed, she was found collapsed on the kitchen floor and it could have been on Friday or Saturday and she was alone.
Then about 10pm the undertakers came, so in the space of three hours our dear neighbour's remains had been removed and taken away.
This morning, we were able to speak to her DS and share some memories of her. Just two months ago the family celebrated her 88th birthday with her.
We will miss our dear neighbour for her chats and good humour. It feels so strange that she has gone and she will be missed by our community as well as her family.

Calendargirl Mon 02-Aug-21 21:19:14

What an unpleasant shock. It sounds as though your neighbour didn’t suffer, which is good.

I’m sure you will miss her, but have some happy memories.

MissAdventure Mon 02-Aug-21 21:21:11

Oh, that's sad.
Bless her, I do hope she passed quickly away.
As you say, the whole neighbourhood will feel her loss.

BlueBelle Mon 02-Aug-21 21:27:44

My best friend called the police when she hadn’t seen her neighbour for a few days when the police broke in he was dead and had been possibly a few days they asked my friend if she would identify him, which she did
It’s always sad when someone dies alone, but being a good neighbour while she was alive is the most important thing though
It is a shock though

Antonia Mon 02-Aug-21 21:33:04

What an awful shock for you. I am assuming that she was a widow, but evidently there was at least one son.
She sounds to have been a popular member of your community, and I am sure she will be missed.
I am sorry for your loss.

Jaxjacky Mon 02-Aug-21 21:49:37

How very sad, she will be missed ?

maydonoz Mon 02-Aug-21 21:52:16

Thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. Yes, she has been a widow for many years, and has three sons, a caring, good family. They had regular contact but possibly not on a daily basis.
We saw more of her pre-covid, then of course she rarely went out after lockdown started.

TrendyNannie6 Sat 07-Aug-21 21:09:27

Aw that’s really sad, sounds as though she will be really missed, I hope she didn’t suffer and passed quickly

Redhead56 Sun 08-Aug-21 00:29:50

I am sorry about your good friend and neighbour I hope she went peacefully. It is a shock but you will cherish lovely memories of her.