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Hazeld Wed 23-Mar-22 13:13:59

My mom passed away 5 years ago and I have her ashes in a lovely urn in my living room. It's a bit like having her here with us all the time. Now I'm thinking it's time I did something with them, I'm 69 and I don't want my moms ashes being a burden to my children when I'm no longer here. Trouble is I have no idea what to do with them. She always said she didn't care what happened to her ashes because she wouldn't be here but I think she deserves a bit of respect but I'm just at a loss with what to do with them. Any suggestions please?

tanith Wed 23-Mar-22 13:59:06

Scatter them in a place she loved or a remembrance garden

Shelflife Mon 22-Aug-22 16:04:26

Some time since you posted Hazeld, hope you have found a peaceful place
to scatter your Mum's ashes . If you haven't then just think of somewhere beautiful, somewhere you know she would have loved - thinking of you ?

sukie Tue 23-Aug-22 00:29:48

I realize this thread is 5 months old and as shelflife said, hopefully you have already come up with an answer. But on the chance you have not, have you considered having your mother's ashes either buried with you or perhaps spread where you choose to be? My sister passed away 7 years ago and her ashes were buried with my mother who died earlier this year.

grannydarkhair Tue 23-Aug-22 00:46:40

If you still have your Mum’s ashes, are you aware that ashes can be turned into jewellery? If you Google, you’ll find lots of information.

Germanshepherdsmum Tue 23-Aug-22 08:53:54

Exactly what I was going to suggest Sukie. That wouldn’t be a burden for the children provided clear instructions are left for them. I like the idea of remaining together.