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Thinking of my young adult kids on Father's Day

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Shandy57 Sun 19-Jun-22 10:20:58

I'm glad it's finally here. My daughter was 20, son 22 when their Dad died in 2016. He was the family photographer, so not that many photos of him sadly. I've just sent both the kids an email with a photo and a list of all the places he'd been in his life. I'm so sorry he is missing so much, they are both great kids.

Germanshepherdsmum Sun 19-Jun-22 10:30:10

A very difficult day for so many. ?

Namsnanny Sun 19-Jun-22 10:34:28

I echo GS thoughts. It is a very difficult day for
I'm glad for your family you have many happy memories, although that wont make up for his