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Bankhurst Thu 17-Nov-22 08:51:52

My husband died two weeks ago. I am struggling to deal with the bank, his pension provider etc. Whenever I get into their ‘if you want..,.press 1, if you want …press 2’ I burst into tears and put the phone down. Where are the bereavement hotlines with empathetic people at the other end?

Sago Thu 17-Nov-22 09:20:50

Your bank should have a bereavement services team.
I dealt with this for my mothers estate, everyone I spoke to was kind and professional.

Georgesgran Thu 17-Nov-22 09:26:51

I’m sorry to read your sad news Bankhurst

Same here Sago - other than Barclaycard (long story) once the Bereavement option was selected/mentioned, things moved along, albeit slowly.
Bankhurst do you have to do it all so soon? Can you just tackle the most pressing first - I was still wading through some financial ‘stuff’ months after my DH died.

tanith Thu 17-Nov-22 09:27:08

As Sago says banks and pension services have bereavement services you have to just be methodical and work your way through the dross to get through to them. They are very helpful. Could you go into the bank and ask for a bereavement colleague?
I am sure it’s difficult at such a sad and stressful time. I’m sorry for your loss.

Septimia Thu 17-Nov-22 09:29:07

Yes, when FiL died the bank had a specialist team and they were very helpful.
It might help if you can get to the branch. Otherwise just press the first number that seems vaguely appropriate and I'm sure they'll transfer you to the right person or at least tell you which extension you need.

midgey Thu 17-Nov-22 09:29:11

I’m sorry for your loss. Sago is right, if you ring any organisation just ask for their bereavement department. They will always be helpful. Perhaps you have a friend or relative who could help you.

Katie59 Thu 17-Nov-22 09:38:06

It’s difficult at first, as long as you have access to bank accounts don’t rush, it will get easier. If you have immediate problems get a friend or relative to help out.
So sorry for your loss

womblekelly Fri 02-Dec-22 21:41:44

So soŕry Bankhurst ... have just been though this as my husband died suddenly in sep. My advice is to make a list of all the companies you need to deal with and google their bereavement contact details. That way you will get through to a sympathetic person quite quickly.

Bankhurst Sun 04-Dec-22 11:43:08

My DH’s occupational pension provider are the worse. Only an answerphone and they don’t get back to me, no response to an email. While I’m not in need of money immediately, I would like to know if I’m entitled to anything in future