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Lisa-Marie Presley has Died

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CraftyGranny Sat 14-Jan-23 13:05:53

Lisa-Marie Presley has died, aged 54 years of a suspected Heart attack.
RIP flowers

crazyH Sat 14-Jan-23 13:09:47

Gone too soon. Heart disease in the family, I believe. Elvis just adored her. R I P Lisa flowers

Georgesgran Sat 14-Jan-23 13:44:54

There were a couple of threads about this – the longer of which, seems to disappeared. The consensus of opinion was that she had a genetic fault, possibly inherited from her grandparents who were full cousins.

volver Sat 14-Jan-23 13:47:19

It hasn't disappeared.

CraftyGranny Sat 14-Jan-23 22:11:25

My apologies.

volver Sun 15-Jan-23 10:26:00

Sorry if that came across as curt CraftyGranny, I just wanted to post the link so that people could see the original. flowers

CraftyGranny Sun 15-Jan-23 11:45:40

Not at all volver, I checked to see if there were any posts on this before posting, and there weren't. But now notice my spelling of Presley differed from the original post.