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I am lost since my mom died.

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nycdoctor Tue 04-Apr-23 18:35:20

I don't know if I can go on...really. my mom died about 2 months ago. It is killing me. I don't want to live anymore. I can't wrap my head around this. I lost my dad about 7 years ago. I have 10-month-old son. I wish I didn't. I want to just die. I want to be with my parents. 30 year is too long to wait to be with them.

varian Tue 04-Apr-23 18:39:01

Your grief is understandable. Please look for grief counselling.

You have a small son who needs you. If you don;t cherish your own future, please cherish his, He needs you, You are his Mum. That is the most important thing.

crazyH Tue 04-Apr-23 18:40:07

nycdoctor - you certainly need help. Make an appointment with your GP, asap. The part that bothers me is your comment regarding your baby.

Hithere Tue 04-Apr-23 18:41:55

Contact your primary right NOW or call suicide line - 988

nycdoctor Tue 04-Apr-23 18:57:26

I am seeing a therapist. My son is the only things that is keeping me here. Not suicidal. My mother would be upset with me, if i did that. I am just telling you guys how I feel.

silverlining48 Tue 04-Apr-23 19:18:56

So sorry about your mum. It’s only two months, your grief is understandable, but with time you will slowly begin to feel better. Your baby needs you and your mum would want you to be happy.
It really will help to talk it through with the therapist.

crazyH Tue 04-Apr-23 19:32:43

I think nyc is in the USA

Nannylovesshopping Tue 04-Apr-23 19:48:11

Hi nycdoctor. I’m so sorry for the loss of your mum, heartbreaking, but this is where you step up and put your big girl pants on, your ten month son needs you, you carry on being a great mum and mourn for your dear mum at the same time, I know it sounds grim, but time is the greatest healer, you can do this, you have to❤️

Redhead56 Tue 04-Apr-23 23:24:05

I adored my dad he suddenly died age sixty six without any warning I was devastated. I was separated from my vile and abusive husband at the time. It sounds unreal but my dads death gave me strength to push on for divorce after being intimidated by my husband.
I gained an inner strength I never thought I had and my top priority was my very young children.
You are in pain now of course you are but look at your child your mom lives on through your son. It's difficult but you can do it and you will.

maddyone Wed 05-Apr-23 00:03:52

I’m so sorry to hear how you are suffering nycdoctor. I lost my mum last year and so I know how it feels. You must be much younger than me though as you have a baby to take care of, and he needs you. Please try to think about how your mum would have wanted you to be with your little one and let that help you through this terrible grief.

Luckygirl3 Wed 05-Apr-23 17:07:56

It is such a hard time .... but remember this - just like you, your son is a bearer of your Mum's genes. In other words, he carries a part of your much-loved mother within him. It is his turn to receive the love you felt for your mother. It is a tough time I know, but it is part of the pattern of life. Look after that wee boy of yours!

Walkowl Wed 05-Apr-23 20:51:06

I'm sorry to hear how much you are suffering. It's good to hear you're getting therapy.

How are you feeling today? Sometimes it's good to talk to strangers on gransnet!