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Old voicemails

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doctorcats Wed 12-Apr-23 19:31:11

Hi all,

I lost my mom in 2015. I feel like ive processed it and while i miss her i have more or less been moving on.

The problem i have is that there are many voicemails from 8 years ago still on my phone. In fact my voicemail has been full for 8 years. I can't bring myself to listen to them.

I don't believe i ever will listen to them, but i want to switch to a new phone provider and the thought of losing them is also too much for me.

I know this is a rediculous reaction, wanting to save something i don't ever plan to listen to.

Anyone else ever experience the same?

Elegran Wed 12-Apr-23 19:46:01

I am not sure but I think you may be able to copy them to a new phone. That would solve your dilemma - or postpone having to deal with it, anyway. At some point in the future you may find that you are OK with deleting the messages. Or maybe you could transfer them to a USB or SD card?

Whiff Thu 13-Apr-23 06:24:53

doctorcats it is not ridiculous to save something you will not listen to. As in the future you may want to. My husband died in 2004. The moment he died I lost his voice. I remember how he phrased things and things he would say . I still can see him but not what he sounded like. He was 47. I wish I had something with his voice on but if I did I know I wouldn't beable to listen to it but knowing I had it would make me feel better.

I am estranged from my son his choice I had no say . I have videos of my grandson's on my phone but can't watch them because I can hear my son's voice and on one see and hear my daughter in law. But I will never delete them and if I did ever change my phone find a way to save them.

Why don't you ask at at a phone shop how you can save it before changing your provider. Or could you have the messages recorded on to a CD . There is bound to be a place to have that done.

BlueBelle Thu 13-Apr-23 06:39:26

When my dad died I hunted everywhere for something with his voice on it I hunted through phones new and old and never found anything I hadn’t wiped
I was so upset as I can’t hear his voice in my head anymore I can think of many things he said but I can’t ‘hear’ his voice and it still upsets me 12 years on
Perhaps you can listen and keep one or two that mean something to you
I feel you are so lucky