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Are you ever too old to go to festivals?

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 12-Jul-12 11:15:10

"No", says Nicola Venning in our latest blog post.

Have you done Glastonbury at 50+? Is it something you fancy? Or will you be leaving it to the GC?!

Joan Thu 12-Jul-12 11:30:35

Hmmmm probably not - well, not without wellies and ear plugs anyway.

Oh, and the problem of loos - we need more of them more often don't we?

So - definitely NOT!!!!

Anagram Thu 12-Jul-12 11:34:08

I have been too old to go to pop festivals since I was 40, never mind 50! grin

Grannylin Thu 12-Jul-12 11:37:23

I've been to Womad -world music festival- twice in my fifties.Would love to go this year but too expensive and got too fussy about camping!

Annika Thu 12-Jul-12 11:41:40

Only if I get to stand very near the loo, which must be clean !

Ive got wellies but I don't want to be slipping around in the mud, oh and rain, if its raining I would want a very big brolly, and I would want to be able to sleep in a hotel at night, no tents for me with all the creepy crawlies about waiting to bite me !
Apart from that then its a yes from me ! grin wink

Ella46 Thu 12-Jul-12 12:04:16

Nothing to do with age, I just like my comforts too much. The toilets,mud and smells are just three things I don't want to experience thanks. sunshine

jeni Thu 12-Jul-12 12:22:11

No way! Not my scene!

Bags Thu 12-Jul-12 12:57:01

I reckon camping with Cub Scouts is more fun. Quieter anyhow and Cubs can break most noise barriers just conversing with each other.

glammanana Thu 12-Jul-12 12:59:01

There is nothing better than the atmosphere at a music festival but I am too fond of my creature comforts now,I must say that I would make an exception if some of the super groups got together,the nearest that I go now is August Bank holiday when I go to Liverpool for Beatles week-end something that I never miss.

gillybob Thu 12-Jul-12 15:08:21

No absolutely not. I can't resist a music festival or outdoor concert. We have an excellent local festival The Catherine Cookson festival which has live outdoor music throughout the "summer" (ha ha) . The festival park is literally 2 minutes walk from my house and although some residents moan about the noise I think its fab to be able to walk there complete with folding chair, wine, warm fleece, wine, food, wine...........and did I mention wine?

Oh and doing the Alnwick castle festival next weekend (that's if its not cancelled due to rain). Wellies at the ready.

Anagram Thu 12-Jul-12 15:30:40

Sounds good, gillybob!
It's not the actual festivals I feel too old for, it's just the overnight aspect, plus the usual shortages of toilet facilities. If one was on locally I'd probably go.

gillybob Thu 12-Jul-12 15:37:58

I have to agree anagram I am really fussy about toilets and showers. Staying in a local hotel in Alnwick next weekend so not slumming it by any means. Still need to be prepared with wellies and raincoats though as we go every year and the rain never fails.

nanaej Thu 12-Jul-12 16:04:08

Not a festival exactly but off to Hyde Park on Saturday and Sunday to see Bruce Springsteen & Paul Simon plus supporting bands. Hope it's not too wet!! Did IoW when young but not been back post kids!

Anagram Thu 12-Jul-12 16:07:13

Me too, nanaej - those dreadful toilets!! shock
(Well, holes in the ground, I should say...)

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 16:12:34

I went to a very early festival at Glastonbury but not sure what it actually was [far away in the mists of time]. However, I don't think I can live my life without actually doing 'The' Glastonbury Festival one day but, like everyone else it's more the loo problem that concerns me than anything else. We do have a little festival up the road from here called Off the Tracks which I always mean to go to but always seem to be away when it's on. It's not so much the live bands that I want to see as all the other things, like the healing field etc. I can't say that there are any bands around at the moment that I particularly want to see [maybe Tom Petty?]and, if I did I'd rather see them at an inside venue where I can sit down.

feetlebaum Thu 12-Jul-12 16:36:57

The thought of the discomfort, the god-awful noise, and yes - the lavatory arrangements... No, I've never been young enough to want to attend any such event!

Gmajen Thu 12-Jul-12 16:47:43

Wow nanaej were you one of the very many happy muddy people who were trying to get home on Sunday night? I was trying to get home from the Albert Hall and missed the last train because of the traffic jams around Hyde Park. It was almost like Glastonbury!

kittylester Thu 12-Jul-12 18:08:13

It must be a gran thing but I too need a decent toilet within view and easy access at all times and, as for the noise!

GoldenGran Thu 12-Jul-12 18:18:51

My son,who is 37, goes to a few, and he says he knows I couldn't
stand the showers and toilets, so I will never know what they are like.

Maniac Thu 12-Jul-12 18:54:01

Not a camping person but in my early 70s went to Trowbridge Village Pump festival 2 yrs running .Slept in tent with DS and GS Enjoyed it immensely. Saw Bob Geldorf and Richard Thompson perform..I was child minder whilst DS sang with his a capella gp .Lots of families there. GS had great time.
I don't think I could have coped if it had rained .
Glastonbury No No No way! .

AlieOxon Thu 12-Jul-12 19:30:53

Went to a women's festival on the Glastonbury site (after it) and it was absolutely great! That was in the 80s....don't think I would do it now...pity.

nanaej Thu 12-Jul-12 19:45:15

A gang of us went last year to the Tolpuddle Martys Festival..that was good fun... but of course you have to support the politics to really enjoy it!

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 20:01:43

Well blow me sideways. I'd never heard of the Tolpuddle Martyrs festival until a week of so ago when someone mentioned it on another forum and here it is again smile. How come moi, with all my left wing sympathies and cnd marches had never heard of this before and now it's on my tick list of things to do! Come the revolution wink....!

nanaej Thu 12-Jul-12 20:08:49

It was great crimson !! Billy Brag and Tony Benn amongst the speakers /acts. Unions pareade down the street on the Sunday and there are good beer tents with music /poetry, the martys museum, food tents, big stage with speeches and music as well as stalls etc etc Big field where you can camp /park a camper van or car & stay in a local b&b..but book well in advance!

crimson Thu 12-Jul-12 20:54:01

Thought Tony would be there. We've been to his talks a few times; I was so proud to shake his hand. I know of a wonderful video on utube of another march but don't know how to put it on here. If you google utube Hazel Winter 'The Candyman Walks' you'll find it.