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A new comedy career (at 70)

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CariGransnet (GNHQ) Thu 29-Aug-13 10:29:26

80 year-old Lynn Ruth Miller is taking the world of comedy by storm - yet ten years ago she had never heard of stand-up. we love this piece on how it's never too late to do something new - and to do it well).

whenim64 Thu 29-Aug-13 11:17:07

Great blog! Her enthusiasm is inspiring. My DIL is naturally very funny and would make a great stand-up comedian. She would be interested in doing a stand-up course. I wonder how many are available in this country?

Henrietta Sat 07-Sep-13 10:58:43

What a wonderful post. I would love to be funny and I love going to see female comedians. This year at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe I saw Sandi Toksvig and Jenni Éclair on the same night! Sandi was funny but Jenni was hilarious! I know there are courses in stand-up in Glasgow because one of my friend's sons did one and he entered a couple of competitions in the Glasgow area. He doesn't do it any more but he could've been good.

liminetta Tue 24-Sep-13 08:21:26

How absolutely wonderful.What inspiration. I also love comedians. I like to inject some humour when I read the bingo numbers at local pensioners club. They all tell me that they look forward to that! I would like to do a comedy course; I always forget my jokes halfway through, though,and usually I write them down.But I would like to meet this brave and inspirational character.Keep on making the world a happier place!

liminetta Tue 24-Sep-13 08:47:17

What a fantastic woman!Young at heart; Yeah!
I love to perform; I have been on stage at our local theatre(for which I am a volunteer), playing my keyboard for the Monday afternoon pensioners club, also been an active member of a group called "The Golden Oldies;"singing and dancing around old peoples homes and community halls; great fun!I would love to do stand up, and would like to know of any comedy courses in my area.Anybody know anything about them? Or maybe Ile just Google ....Yes, Ile try that.How wonderful to be able to spread humour in this way.I wish I could meet this woman.gringringrin

broomsticks Tue 24-Sep-13 12:05:17

That's brilliant! Good for her.