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Audio stories (OH unable to read so looking for mp3 audio)

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bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 12:52:53

Just wondering if anyone can recommend (if it is possible) anywhere where I can download audio books so that I can let OH use mp3 player.. he cannot read his beloved books anymore which has made him even more depressed! I have tried the talking books form the library but to be honest some of them are 10/12 hours long! and because they are form the library you feel pressurised to listen to them asap and get them back.So I am looking at the option of hopefully downloading maybe short stories/horror stories that aren't as long winded. I have an mp3 player...I did think of buying him a personal cd player. so I do have 2 options, thanks all. I have found web sites but wondered if there was a particular safe! one.

bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 12:54:10

Dohhhhhh I have just looked at the top of the page!! and whats there???
lol Audio books!!!! senior moment..[confussed]

Anne58 Fri 04-Oct-13 12:56:00

Just an idea for a temporary solution, Radio 4 have a play every afternoon at 2.15, and there are also short stories most days a bit later in the afternoon. Some of the plays and stories are not to my taste, but others are excellent.

Anne58 Fri 04-Oct-13 12:57:08

I hadn't noticed it either! confused

bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 13:03:18

hmm!!! it's with Amozon free trial then £7-99 a month which I don't want.... back to the drawing board. thanks phoenix

bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 13:03:33

amazon! smile

Bez Fri 04-Oct-13 13:15:51

I have only got the ad for mUmsnet at the top of the page - maybe because I am using an iPad - off subject - sorry. Personal CD players are quite cheap now - we had a new one still wrapped but we must have given it to the charity shop when de- cluttering - sorry or you could have had that with pleasure. Hope you get sorted soon.

bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 13:17:57

oh that was a kind thought Bez thankyou anyway...yes I may have to look at that option and buy audio cds. smile

Anne58 Fri 04-Oct-13 13:28:16

Try having a look on the RNIB website, I know they do a talking books scheme, but not sure of the costs.

Ariadne Fri 04-Oct-13 13:34:32

The BBc podcasts and the books at bedtime are all downloadable. The podcasts are free too! And if you can borrow book CDs from the library, you could download them on to I tunes too.

Ariadne Fri 04-Oct-13 13:35:40

I have an I pod shuffle going spare, Biker, if you'd like it it's yours. Just pm me.

bikergran Fri 04-Oct-13 13:42:59

Oh that is very kind of you Ariadne and a lovely thought....I shall just have a ponder and try and find out the best solution for he cannot see very well now, I will have to check the buttons on things etc....he is prob entitled to some help with these things! but!! you know how stubborn they can be! we have been to the eye clinic etc etc but he hadn't the energy to keep going to n fro...thankyou for all your kind offers everyone. brew for you all ohh and a [cake]

wisewoman Fri 04-Oct-13 16:29:14

I buy books from iTunes store which are downloaded quickly on to computer and then to iPod. I use them when I can't sleep but eyes too tired to read!! There are loads available and even some very cheap and even free ones. For example I got Sherlock Holmes stories very cheaply. I look for books which have readers with soporific voices for obvious reasons but there is a really good selection. Also BBC podcasts, for example STart the Week etc can be downloaded free.

MrsSB Fri 04-Oct-13 17:13:44

Just a word of warning, books from Audible can't be put onto all mp3 players. My DH bought a book from them to listen to on holiday, but unfortunately his Sony Walkman MP3 player isn't compatible with Audible. You can check on the website which players are compatible (Apple players are, and lots of others).