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So who's read The Deaths? (the beau monde in Bucks)

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TripFiction Fri 08-Aug-14 15:11:34

What did you think? Clever in many ways, and what a fabulous eye for detail and human interaction Mark Lawson has. I would almost buy a Nespresso machine on the back of it (you'll know what I mean when you've read it). And there are some great reviews for this book out there! For me....

It relies heavily on in-speak and cultural idioms that keep you on your toes (and leave you flummoxed if you have no idea what the author is writing about). From stubble nuts (hmm) to the FT pink ink, or the “FD Stuart thing” to striping and blue-chip chocolate bars with limited Easter and Christmas specials. And what, pray, is a cuddy-wifter (there is no helpful glossary, so perhaps in the next edition that might be a consideration?). Now I know I have taken these examples out of context but even in the context I could feel my brain working overtime to UNDERSTAND. “Jellyfish nipples” now there is an image that is haunting but also just plain weird. And if you are not up to speed on the latest technology ...

grannyactivist Fri 08-Aug-14 15:57:35

Hello TripFiction and welcome to Gransnet if you're new on here. The Deaths has already been reviewed on Gransnet here:

TripFiction Fri 08-Aug-14 17:29:44

Oh, thank you for that. I thought that was a thread for thanking for the copies... (duh! me)