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seclusion Sat 06-Sep-14 16:03:29

Thankyou very much for my copy of The Invention of Wings. Looking
forward to reading it after my visitors go tomorrow. It is by the
author of The Secret Life of Bees so I know I will enjoy it as that is
one of my favourite books. I haven't got the book now as it was too
good to keep to myself.

seclusion Sat 06-Sep-14 16:15:05

I meant I haven't got The Secret Life of Bees now.

CeeCee Sat 06-Sep-14 19:46:22

Received my copy of The Invention of Wings yesterday, thank you. Read the first few pages there and then and just know I am going to enjoy this book enormously. Is it very wrong to wish that visitors would hurry up and go home? blush