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numberplease Mon 29-Sep-14 15:41:05

Thank you for my copy of Miss Carter`s War, it arrived this morning. I`ve just started a book, so will read this when finished, probably in the next 2 days.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 29-Sep-14 11:57:01

Just to say have started a thread for comments and questions - early days I realise but it's there ready and waiting grin

Cagsy Mon 29-Sep-14 11:50:36

The book was delivered this morning, thanks so much, really looking forward to starting it

harrigran Mon 29-Sep-14 11:32:08

Many thanks for my copy of Miss Carter's War, postman has just been. Great timing GN I finished a book last night so I can get straight on and read it smile

psg1968 Mon 15-Sep-14 08:22:20

Keeping my fingers & toes crossed as really want to read this book!!!

numberplease Fri 12-Sep-14 16:32:12

Thanks Dustyangel, I`ve been back and filled it in now, so fingers crossed that I`ll be lucky!

dustyangel Fri 12-Sep-14 15:29:31

Just had another look and it's gone back to the usual form now, confused

numberplease Fri 12-Sep-14 15:09:33

But what is the other untitled box for?

dustyangel Fri 12-Sep-14 14:49:57

I spit my name into two halves number and it accepted it quite happily.

I thought maybe GNHQ had been out to lunch as it's Friday. wink

numberplease Fri 12-Sep-14 14:41:48

I was filling in my application for the October book, Miss Carter`s War, but the form seems a little different this time, and it`s flummoxed me! Where it asks for Gransnet user name, there are two boxes, but I, like most of our members, only have the one name, then underneath there`s another box, labelled "untitled", what`s that about? Sorry if I`m being thick!