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Tiny Acts of Love - a very funny gramma/grand daughter tale

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Annielaural Wed 22-Oct-14 19:09:00

"For some reason I felt that these two elderly people belonged in my life, that I needed them in ways I couldn't understand." 'Tiny Acts of Love' by Lucy Lawrie

Yes, Lucy has written an engaging romance. However, she's also taken the genre a step farther by including an elderly couple who contribute a considerable amount to the plot line of her 'professional woman becomes a mom for the first time' story.

As a seventy-four year old, I fit into that 'elderly' category, you see. And I love this rollicking tale that takes place in Edinburgh, Scotland, but that could take place in any medium sized city in North America. Lawrie has the ability to build universal characters in very modern circumstances no matter that they live in a thousand year old city in the middle of Europe.

Available on Amazon kindle in the USA, 'Tiny Acts of Love' is an enjoyable look sometimes from a grandmotherly point of view into the lives of professional families who decide that being parents for the first time is a good idea, even if an idea rife with very funny and often trans-generational goof-ups.

If you need a pleasant distraction in the middle of your next plane ride, add 'Tiny Acts of Love' to your carry-on luggage and smile or even giggle through the shenanigans of new mom, Cassie, and her cast of multi-generational characters. You'll disembark from your plane with a smile on your face.