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celialillian Fri 20-Mar-15 10:37:41

I have recently joined TWITTER and I love it, for those of us who read it is an ideal way to follow and get in touch with some of your favourite writers. Also pick up suggested reading from other is easy to use and you only get contact from the subjects you submit. Also get to talk to like minded people. Its ideal for Gransnet followers.

janerowena Fri 20-Mar-15 10:44:38

Or you can just try 'Literature Map'.

I don't know if this will work, I typed in Ann Cleeves.

A page comes up, you type in the name of your favourite author and all the authors of similar books come up, so you get a very good idea of what you will like. This has proved very handy when buying books for DBH, as he is less adventurous than me.

For the page you need.