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Telly Wed 15-Nov-17 20:02:10

Saw a documentary recently on 'The Real Dr Zhivago' ie Boris Pasternak, the author so I thought I would read the original. However I am finding it hard going, only up to chapter 5 and there must be a 110 characters! In fact Zhivago has 3 different names, not sure why though....... Anyone read this? Am I missing something or perhaps it is the Kindle translation?!

Welshwife Wed 15-Nov-17 20:09:06

I found the Russian books hard to read because of these nick names - I had to keep referring to the list of characters at the front of the book - Anna Karinina was the one I was reading.

paddyann Wed 15-Nov-17 20:13:36

I read it at secondary school about 50 years ago ,keep a notepad beside you and jot down the names ,tip from teacher at the time.I loved the book and the film but it is a story that needs concentration and I'm not sure I could focus on it now .

GrandmaMoira Wed 15-Nov-17 20:44:11

I read it years ago and liked it but it was quite slow reading. I love the film. Perhaps if you watch the film you will get the overall idea of the story and would get on with the book betteer then.

Anniebach Wed 15-Nov-17 20:52:06

I had big panic attack in that film, all that snow

callgirl1 Wed 15-Nov-17 21:11:00

I don`t think I`d tackle the book, but the film is one of my all time favourites, I loved it, queued for ages to get into the cinema to see it, 1966 I think.

Tegan2 Wed 15-Nov-17 23:38:18

I've never read it and my concentration these days with regards reading means that I probably never will. However, I did watch the documentary and found it absolutely fascinating. I always think back to the time when we saw the film at the cinema and the revolutionaries were marching through the streets with a hugs banner with Russian words all over it, and a young child in the audience said very loudly 'mummy, does that say Happy Christmas'. My ex loved the film but unfortunately it gave him the idea that it was possible for a man to love two women at the same time. Well, I guess it is possible but not possible to stay married [silly man]...

Granny23 Thu 16-Nov-17 00:02:36

I read and enjoyed Dr Zhivago years ago during my 'Russian Period' when I also read War and Peace. My trick, when reading books with lots of complicated foreign names is to, in my head, give the characters simple, short names e.g Joe, Anne, May, Bert, so that I do not have to slow up to read the name every time. It works for me.

Telly Thu 16-Nov-17 12:17:09

Granny23 - very impressed that you have read W & P! I do think that reading on Kindle does make it more difficult to go back and forth as you would with a real book, if you want to recap. I have put it to one side for the moment and have started East of Eden. I think that probably means I have given up but not admitting it as yet! Thank for the replies.

Smithy Thu 16-Nov-17 12:29:20

The film was and probably still is my favourite of all time. I've lost count of the number if times I've seen it. However, someone mentioned the Russian books were hard going and I struggled also with Anna. Karenina, so I don't think I'd tackle that one either Telly! Should be good for the brain, reading and concentrating on something like that though. I take my that off to you.

GrandmaMoira Thu 16-Nov-17 12:41:34

I also read War and Peace and Anna Karenina years ago. Pasternak and Tolstoy are the only Russian authors I enjoy. I've read Solzhenitsyn and Dostoyevsky but found them hard work.

Fennel Thu 16-Nov-17 13:03:06

I read Dr Zhivago a few years ago, and like Welshwife had to keep going back to the list of names to ,remind me who's who.
I also had a Russian period (like Granny23) and my favourite by far is Chekov, his short stories especially. I've got several paperbacks of them and re-read them often. He was such an interesting character, and died tragically young (TB).

SparklyGrandma Sat 18-Nov-17 02:01:41

I have just bought a copy on dvd of the film of Dr Zhivago and its still a beautiful film and story. I am not sure about a book that length now though.

Well done someone for getting through W and P. I had a phase 10 years ago of reading Russian novels, Crime and Punishment etc, but I never got further than page 67 of War and Peace.

callgirl1 Sun 19-Nov-17 00:35:18

I read Anna Karenina when 14, and had no problems with it, but it encouraged me to try War and Peace, which I found extremely difficult and gave up on after a few chapters. However, 50 odd years later, I decided to try again, it took 4 weeks, but I managed it.

goldengirl Sun 19-Nov-17 12:05:41

I read Dr Zhivago only a few years ago but found it hard going. I loved the film though and enjoyed Joe [?] dancing as Dr Z on Strictly - all very romantic.

tessagee Sun 19-Nov-17 18:52:17

The book is lengthy but well worth reading. Loved the film and the music, especially Lara's theme.

Many years ago I bought a record of the sound track which I played incessantly. However, new neighbours moved in next door with a large hound which bayed madly every time I played Lara's theme. He really could not bear the sound of that tune.

In the end I had to give up playing the record which I think is still languishing somewhere in the attic, though thankfully no baying hounds around here.