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AlgeswifeVal Wed 28-Mar-18 15:56:21

Why, oh why, does reading make me sleepy? I’m in the throes of reading a very good fiction crime thriller and bursting to know what is going to happen in the next few chapters but I keep nodding off.

lemongrove Wed 28-Mar-18 16:19:27

Me too, only since the last few years though, as before that I could romp through a book in no time.
Reading anything, after a while makes me feel sleepy, even brochures.grin

Greenfinch Wed 28-Mar-18 17:05:51

I look forward to going to bed to read a few chapters of a good book. Inevitably after about ten minutes l fall asleep,the book drops out of my hand onto the floor and I lose my page.

sodapop Wed 28-Mar-18 17:16:56

I am the opposite, often staying awake until the small hours to find out who dunnit.
I look forward to reading in bed too. smile

NanaMacGeek Wed 28-Mar-18 21:10:17

If reading makes you sleepy, don't try audio books! I ended up listening to the same chapter from the beginning over and over again because I kept falling asleep but the audio kept going. That's one good thing about a Kindle. If you stop 'turning the page', you don't lose your place.

AlgeswifeVal Thu 29-Mar-18 18:01:44

So glad I’m not alone with this one.

farview Sun 01-Apr-18 18:16:30

Haha thought it was just me,have always loved reading since I was a child,even with four children I used to always have a book on the go..but yes,over the last few years it's become difficult as I start to fall asleep after a few pages,it's ok if am in bed..but in the living room,the garden,on a plane,'s frustrating!!!

Lovetopaint037 Mon 07-May-18 09:14:23

Me too. If I ever go to bed and don’t read because I am too tired I soon find I can’t sleep so have to sit up and

Maggiemaybe Mon 07-May-18 09:24:16

One disadvantage of the Kindle is that it's liable to do you an injury when you nod off reading and it hits you in the face. grin

Jane10 Mon 07-May-18 09:53:04

I absolutely have to read in bed at night. It's unimaginable for me not to have at least one book on the go. I can tell when I'm nodding off so close down my trusty kindle.
I don't like thrillers or who dunnits so don't feel compelled to keep reading. Sometimes I want to stop so I can savour or go over what I've just read. Some characters stay with you. I've just read a 1932 book by EM Delafield. It's just about a hotel in the south of France and the various residents. I'm still wondering about them all. No big dramas just good writing and interesting characters.

TerriBull Mon 07-May-18 10:25:27

Always, always have a book on the go last thing at night and first thing in the morning are my favourite times to read, although night time reading can vary between a couple of pages and a couple of chapters before the inevitable dropping off kicks in.

annep Wed 27-Jun-18 23:43:34

Isn't it funny how you can nod off after 2 pages and wake up at 3am and read for an hour! lol.

Nanabilly Thu 28-Jun-18 09:17:49

Whenever I read to my gc I start yawning.
My own books I can for hours.

downtoearth Thu 28-Jun-18 09:44:17

Fell asleep with two pages to read to finish my book last night..hate it when that happens

annodomini Thu 28-Jun-18 10:13:24

The thing that causes me discomfort when I drop off reading in bed is the nose-pieces on my glasses pressing on the bridge of my nose. When DS1 was a toddler, I fell asleep reading Jack and the Beanstalk to him. He was still awake.

gmelon Tue 17-Jul-18 11:04:34

*NanaMacGeek Wed 28-Mar-18 21:10:17
If reading makes you sleepy, don't try audio books! I ended up listening to the same chapter from the beginning over and over again because I kept falling asleep but the audio kept going.*

I've done this so many times with audio books. At home I fall asleep and in the car I concentrate on driving and miss bits of what's going on.

My husband did the bedtime stories for our three boys.
Story over they settled down to sleep, including him!

He'd reappear around 10pm staggering downstairs half asleep with a stiff kneck from sleeping half in, half out of our youngest toddler's bed.

gmelon Tue 17-Jul-18 11:05:29

This was every night.