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Julia's Shilling - a novel about Life in the 19th Century

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Elrel Sun 04-Nov-18 22:10:00

I've just enjoyed this novel about Julia Hunt, daughter of the writer Leigh Hunt. Intelligent, talented, and attractive, she had no wish to marry any of her admirers, even those she loved.
Her family was poor and Dickens satirised them savagely as the Skimpoles in Bleak House. This shocked and hurt her father and Julia never forgave Dickens. He and several other well known Victorians appear in the book as do two destitute children. Tom and Janet's plight drives Julia to seek help for them,
Julia's Shilling is by Coreen Turner and available on Amazon. I'll be interested to see what other Gransnetters think of it.

Freesialover Sun 18-Nov-18 14:09:43

Thank you for the recommendation. After trying the ‘free sample’ I’ve just ordered the paperback as I think my mum would enjoy reading it after me. It looks good!

Elrel Sun 18-Nov-18 14:24:27

Freesia - Great! I'm looking forward to hearing what you and DM think!