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kindle notification of duplicate books

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henetha Wed 20-Feb-19 10:14:58

They are still telling me.

annep1 Wed 20-Feb-19 07:47:59

Bathsheba 😊

Bathsheba Sun 27-Jan-19 10:51:33

No, good for you! I lead a French conversation class for U3a and I'm the youngest by ten years - and I'm 60
Have you posted on the wrong thread, Miep1? wink

Bathsheba Sun 27-Jan-19 10:48:32

They're still telling me too - just as well, as I can't rely on my memory these days. Come to think of it I can't remember anything about the books I've read so I might as well just re-read them and stop buying new ones

Miep1 Sun 27-Jan-19 10:45:34

No, good for you! I lead a French conversation class for U3a and I'm the youngest by ten years - and I'm 60

Miep1 Sun 27-Jan-19 10:42:03

Still telling me

Anja Sun 27-Jan-19 10:40:30

Not stopped with me except when Faith Martin decided to change all the names of her Hillary Green detective series and they were reissued under different titles.

CassieJ Sun 27-Jan-19 09:46:30

I still get the notifications. Are you sure that it was a Kindle book that you had bought, and not an actual book? I read both formats, so do get caught out sometimes with this.
You can get a refund from Amazon easily, I have done this a few times.

Luckygirl Sun 27-Jan-19 09:39:24

Still telling me - happened yesterday.

Sarahmob Sun 27-Jan-19 08:19:13

Still telling me too

MawBroon Sun 27-Jan-19 08:08:37

They tell me too.
I once had to complain because a book had been reissued with a different title and I was halfway through the first chapter before I realised.
Amazon refunded my money.

NotTooOld Sat 26-Jan-19 22:19:08

They are not telling me although they always used to, which was useful. It used to come up with 'purchased on xxxxx'. I bought a book a few days ago which after the first chapter I realised I had read. Can we do anything about it?

dizzyblonde Sat 26-Jan-19 22:07:36

Still telling me too.

Patsy70 Sat 26-Jan-19 21:09:51

No, they still advise me if I've already purchased a book. Also, if I buy a book from my wish list it is automatically deleted, which didn't use to happen.

seranrakan1995 Sat 26-Jan-19 20:44:38

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nanaK54 Tue 13-Nov-18 20:44:25

They are still telling me too

Jalima1108 Tue 13-Nov-18 20:05:46

They are still telling me, although I did notice that a couple of books I downloaded had not appeared on the home page and I found them archived.

Elegran Tue 13-Nov-18 19:29:20

Are you sure it wasn't a different edition, or by a different publisher? That may not have shown up as a duplicate. I frequently find that I already have a book that catches my eye.I've had my Kindle since 2011, long enough to have forgotten buying.

annsixty Tue 13-Nov-18 19:16:47

They haven't stopped with me as it happened today. I was told I had bought a book about 12 months ago.

Houseseller Tue 13-Nov-18 19:06:02

Good evening, has anyone noticed that Amazon appears to have stopped given a warning that a kindle book has already been purchased. This happened to me yesterday when I purchased a book I had forgotten I had already bought last year. I was able to return but I rely on the notification as my memory is not so good these days.