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The Train Man by Andrew Mulligan

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Bikerhiker Wed 04-Sep-19 00:36:31

Thank you for my free copy. I appreciate that and would rather be saying positive things about it but:
This book was readable but sort of flat and uninteresting.
I could not get any insight into Michael, the main character, through either his interactions with those he came in to contact with or through the details of his sometimes unpleasant thoughts.
In particular I could see no benefit to the story in desctibing the rape of the barista. I'm still not sure I got that right.
Despite things turning out ok I thought the book gloomy and depressing. It really just describes a set of circumstances. I thought there would be a great reveal but there was not and i'm afraid this book was not for me.

Bikerhiker Sat 14-Sep-19 10:21:27

I can't find anyone else's review of this book. Are they somewhere else?