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annodomini Thu 14-Nov-19 15:42:51

Is anyone else trying to play this game? I remember it from previous years when I found it more than frustrating.
So far, I have worked out 10 out of 20 clues and am now stuck!

Pinktiger1268 Thu 14-Nov-19 20:30:02

I have 15, stuck on blue car, Girls on swings, daisy coco, district of columbia and angels butchers.

Bathsheba Thu 14-Nov-19 20:37:16

I can't get the link to work anno. I just get a message saying my browser can't find the server sad

Bevkay Sun 17-Nov-19 09:08:49

What's the angel's butchers title please

annodomini Sun 17-Nov-19 10:06:46

I've reached 18 and am stuck on a couple of clues. Pinktiger, most of those you mention can be found if you go to the Booker long and short lists. Bevkay, the product in the window is part of the answer and it's also in the Booker lists. As for COCO, think along the lines of Chanel.
Bathsheba, Try this link:

Pittcity Sun 17-Nov-19 12:09:10

There is another thread on this subject

Maggiemaybe Wed 20-Nov-19 17:11:36

Oh, I love this competition! I won a £10 book voucher last year.