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The Last Voyage of Mrs Henry Parker - Joanna Neil

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Teetime Thu 25-Jun-20 09:52:36

If you haven't read this already do try it. A lovely gentle tale of a woman whose dementia is worsening. It is poignant but also humour at times. Beautifully written- hard to put down.

Callistemon Thu 25-Jun-20 10:14:13

Yes, I read it about a month ago. It's by the same author who wrote The Single Ladies of Jacaranda Retirement Village.

I enjoyed it very much but it did make me slightly anxious at times.

wiggys52 Thu 09-Jul-20 06:57:29

Loved this book. It was one of my Christmas books and I thought it was so thoughtfully written. Slightly disturbing as I kept thinking 'is this my future' but still really enjoyed it.

Pittcity Thu 09-Jul-20 07:35:37

I read both books recently and enjoyed them even though I felt a bit uncomfortable in finding humour in dementia.

MiniMoon Thu 09-Jul-20 09:30:51

I bought it for my kindle. I haven't started reading it yet though.
I'm currently enjoying The Rosie Result, the final book of three about the genetics professor Don Tillman, and his struggles with life, love and fatherhood.