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Reached the end of a series

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Aveline Wed 31-Mar-21 10:07:52

Hazel Holt was recommended to me by someone on here a few years ago and I've been enjoying her Mrs Malory books. They are light reading and nice to intersperse between other books. However, I find that I've just finished the last one. I will miss my occasional dips into life in Taviscomb and all the minutiae of pets and friends plus the occasional murders of course. She seems to solve them all between coffees at the Buttery and chatting to people. Lovely comforting reading. But all over for me now sad

monk08 Wed 31-Mar-21 10:35:37

You might enjoy Stella Cameron's Alex Duggins cotswolds mystery very easy light reading to intersperse between the heavier stuff nice with brew

Ilovecheese Wed 31-Mar-21 10:51:23

Ooh I love Hazel Holt, thank you for reminding me of them.

Aveline Wed 31-Mar-21 12:16:11

Will check out Alex Duggins. Thanks!

Sarnia Wed 31-Mar-21 13:09:05

Try the Agatha Raisin books by M C Beaton. There are several in the series and sound quite similar to the ones you have just finished.