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The worst books ever to have won the Booker Prize

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adaunas Sat 29-May-21 16:57:43

I look what’s won and give them a go, but often give up. I finished Shuggie Bain, that was good. I enjoyed
The Birds on the Trees by Nina Bawden that was published in 2010.
I also gave up on Hilary Mantel, though some in my book group really rate her

Alegrias1 Sat 29-May-21 16:45:37

I'm reading Shuggie Bain just now, and enjoying it a lot. I read Girl Woman Other last year, and I liked it, but didn't really understand why it had won the Booker. In the past I've often had to give up though. Couldn't get on with Hilary Mantel at all!

Aveline Sat 29-May-21 16:41:46

They are 'literary' novels. I've often found them unreadable. I want to enjoy reading not reading books because they are 'judged' by lofty figures to be the best.

Artemis1 Sat 29-May-21 15:40:11

I usually try to read the books which have won the Booker, but have to say there are some which were so excruciatingly and mind-numbingly boring and so badly written that I couldn't bring myself to read more than a few pages.

Unfortunately I cannot now remember the names, but one is left wondering what sort of judges would deem such books worthy of such a prestigious award - clearly people much less discriminating than moi! 😁

What is the worst Booker-prize winning book you've ever read and why?

Worst as in most poorly written or just plain old boring and failing to grip.