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American Dirt

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Lucca Thu 01-Jul-21 15:56:30

Has anyone read this ?

YorkLady Thu 01-Jul-21 16:05:36

Remember when this was released and was very interested in reading this.

TerriBull Thu 01-Jul-21 16:06:27

Yes I read it last year, I thought it was really good, evoked the hazardous train journeys, on the tops of trains that migrants from central America undertake to get into the US, often fleeing from dangerous drug cartels, in the case of the main character and her young son, gang warfare and poverty. Many dying along the way and with no guarantees they won't be returned from wherever they came from.

Divided opinions. For me a page turner, lot of heart in the mouth moments.

TerriBull Thu 01-Jul-21 16:08:29

from to

Marydoll Thu 01-Jul-21 17:10:29

I won it in a GN competition last year. It was different from what I usually read, quite hard to get into initially. However, I did persevere until the end and quite enjoyed it.
I recently passed it on to another Gransnetter to read.

MamaCaz Thu 01-Jul-21 17:29:28

My son recommended it to me, but I want the audio version and can't get it on BorrowBox yet.

Vallotton Thu 01-Jul-21 18:56:59

Brilliant book. I couldn't put it down. Without giving too much away, I did wonder why he was going to the lengths he did to hunt and her son her down but all becomes clear about three quarters or more of the way through the story.

If you liked this you might also enjoy Valentine by Elizabeth Wetmore.

Seabear Thu 01-Jul-21 20:40:30

My book club read it earlier this year and I think it got the most unanimous thumbs up of anything we have read apart from To Kill a Mockingbird. I loved it.

Lucca Fri 02-Jul-21 08:02:22

Thanks for your views everyone.

Sardinia2020 Fri 02-Jul-21 08:15:19

I absolutely loved it too. Definitely not my usual type of book but thought it was brilliant although a harrowing read at times.

jenniewren Fri 02-Jul-21 15:06:58

My sister recommended it to me, she loved it. Not read it yet, but it’s on my TBR bookcase (far too many books for a pile ?)

grandMattie Sat 03-Jul-21 11:50:29

Like Marydoll, I won it from Gransnet.
It is not that idfferent to what I normally read, but I did find it very emotionally challenging. Living near Dover, the travails fo people trying to start new lives is a bit near the bone, and very germane to the situation of the boat people here.
All very difficult, but I was glad to have reached the end when the threads were all tied up in a satisfactory, though not necessarily wonderful, way.

Nanna58 Sat 03-Jul-21 12:43:56

Loved it, recommended to DD and she loved it too, one of those books I didn’t want to finish reading.

NotTooOld Mon 09-Aug-21 17:47:10

I loved it too. It was chosen for our book club and it was a unanimous favourite.

MamaCaz Mon 09-Aug-21 18:13:18

When I finally got this on BorrowBox, I loved it.

cmcpne Sat 09-Oct-21 21:46:10

I got the audible version and thought it was brilliant. Cried listening to it as I walked the dog round the village. Always a good marker lol.