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‘Our house’ by Louise Candlish

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Witzend Wed 03-Nov-21 14:03:19

Recently saw this recommended elsewhere - a very topical theme given the news lately, re someone’s house being stolen. Has anyone else read it?

Just downloaded on to my Kindle. Apparently it’s going to be a TV series soon.

I haven’t read any LC before, but there are a lot of v good reviews. If I like it, I shall buy a ‘proper’ copy to send to DSis in the US for Christmas - we usually like the same sort of things.

Ilovecheese Wed 03-Nov-21 15:21:40

I have read and enjoyed it. I have also enjoyed "The Second Husband" by her.

NotTooOld Wed 03-Nov-21 15:21:47

I read this a while back, Witzend, and really enjoyed it.

Sparklefizz Wed 03-Nov-21 16:59:35

Loved this book (and others by Louise Candlish). I understand that "Our House" is going to be made into a TV drama.

GrandmasueUK Wed 03-Nov-21 17:02:51

Loved this book and others by the same author,

Parsley3 Wed 03-Nov-21 17:04:20

This is a very good read. Enjoy.

TerriBull Wed 03-Nov-21 17:52:36

I really liked that book, interested to know it's going to be turned into a tv drama. I've enjoyed many Louise Candlish novels, just read her latest "The Heights" which was another page turner.

chelseababy Wed 03-Nov-21 19:21:20

I enjoyed it too as did most of my reading group.

Sarnia Thu 04-Nov-21 12:20:32

I read it for book club and we all enjoyed it. I had no idea that something like this could go on without the home owner knowing anything but it seems property fraud is growing. Scary.