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Cut Out...Michele Roberts

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boat Fri 03-Dec-21 14:54:29

This novel had some rave reviews but I found it really heavy going.

It took me two weeks to get through and I'd never have finished but I'd put my back out and couldn't leave home. I'd read a bit and then go and do something more interesting like the washing up or cleaning my boots.

I know she is a well established novelist but it seemed to me like the product of someone who had just been on a writing course.

It was, loosely, linked to Matisse's later years and the studio assistants who helped to make the cut outs that were a feature of his art at this stage but it hopped about in time for no apparent reason finally end up in this century.

It seemed to me that she took a deep breath and struck an attitude before coming out with one of her carefully crafted sentences, like a more intellectual Georgette Heyer.

Perhaps I am missing something. Can anyone comment?