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First post - other authors?

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SpyderJ Wed 06-Apr-22 13:52:21

Hi, I'm excited about joining this website, especially the books forum. Any other authors on here? I've self- published mine. I would love to discuss the publishing side with others.

Sincerely, Spyder

BBbevan Wed 06-Apr-22 14:10:55

I have written two books. The first has been rejected by one publisher and is now with a second. They said I would hear from them ‘in due course’ and 4-6 weeks was mentioned. It is now 9 weeks andI am unsure whether to get in touch with them. What would you do?
The second book I am just finishing my corrections and final read through. I haven’t thought of self publishing . If the book is not good enough for a publisher, I am not sure I want it published.

FannyCornforth Wed 06-Apr-22 14:18:42

There are a couple of published authors on here.
I’ll try to remember - there is one who uses her pen name as her user name.

I’d love to read your book Ken, I really would

BBbevan Wed 06-Apr-22 14:59:15

I promise ,if anything comes of it ,I will let you have a copy*Fanny*. Xxx

SpyderJ Wed 06-Apr-22 15:50:02

Maybe in the US, there's more self-publishing going on, not sure about the UK. I've seen many that read/look as pro as the NY big boys. I heard so many rejection stories that I never even attempted the majors. You need to acquire a reputable agent if you go that route. The big guys only work through agents, at least in the US. Never quit and always believe in yourself. Self-publishing is becoming more accepted every day. Spyder